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Signs You Need Eyeglasses

You might have gone years without spectacles and never found a progressive change in your eyesight and because of that reason having an eye exam was not seen as an option.

Although an eye check is the best possible way to learn about your eyesight, however there are other indications as well, that adds to your knowledge whether spectacles are needed or not. The signs are merely a barometer to assess if your eyesight has weakened or not and gives a signal that you have to give optometrist a visit.

Here we will talk about the signs concerning your need for eyeglasses.


7 Signs You Should Know


1 – Squinting More Often


weak eyesight


A person with weak eyesight would need to squint more often in order to get a better vision of a blurred image, because while doing so the pupil of the eye gets smaller and intakes less amount of light making light rays to focus more properly on the retina, situated at the back of the eye. Note that, this is a temporary fix and not something that most people think, would reshape their faulty eyeballs.


2 – Find Yourself Close to The TV


reason of eye weakness


Sitting near to the TV can prove to be the most powerful signal of weak eyesight. A myopic (nearsighted) person sits close to the TV in order to compensate for the blurred images from far away.


3 – Eye Strain


eye stain


How do you know that strain in eyes is because of weak eyesight? It can be caused by various reasons such as allergies, lack of sleep etc. But having eye strain due to activities such as reading, watching TV, using electronic devices, proves to be an indicator for weak eyesight.


4 – Halo Effect in Eyesight


halo effect

It is a major symptom of having weak eyes, because the light cannot properly focus on the retina in the back of the eye. It is due to this reason that you see circles around different light sources such as bulb, headlights etc, which could be corrected through wearing prescribed glasses.


5 – Blurry Vision


 blurry vision


If you are facing blurry vision while seeing objects in distance the reason is that you have become a myopic (nearsighted) or if objects near you have become blurred then you have a refraction error of being hyperopic (far sighted).


6 – Using Mobile Devices to as Near Your Eyes as Possible


People usually with eye sight problems are found using their mobiles, tablets etc, really close to their eyes. Not only the far sighted people use it this close, but most often being a myopic also leads to blurry visions of near objects however blurriness in this case is relatively less.


7 – Reading Problems


It is the same case scenario as the previous point and this can also work as an indication as well. With age this is a normal problem as after 40’s people start having problem in reading and writing that is the time they need to pay a visit to a doctor and not just adjust their book or newspaper near/far to their eyes. This is not something common with children so for them it is even more important to visit a doctor because there can not only be vision problem but other eye related problems as well.


Understanding at Conclusion

Now that you are well aware of the signs you need spectacles for your vision correction and it is really important to note that you should have an eye exam after every 6 months time.

Even if you have really never seen any changes in your eye sight and none of the above signs are relatable, even then visiting an optometrist would not turn to be a waste. Other eye problems can be detected and suitable prescription can be given.