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How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape?

From those of us who doesn’t have a scopic or 20/20 vision, they get to shake some staid statement also known as eye glasses or contact lenses. Eyeglasses comes in variant shapes, sizes, materials and most important colors, “We Love Colors”, so how can you figure out which one outfits you the finest. Although, Eyeglasses for men has got less options in colors than Eyeglasses for women.

We all know that glasses enhances the look of face, so we are here to guide you on how to select the best eyeglasses according to your face shape that will enhance your face look and won’t conceal it. So how to find out what your face shape is, “NOT A PROBLEM”. Stand in front of a clean mirror, draw the outline of your face with a highlighter and it’s done. Move back and see what your face shape is? Round, Square, Diamond, Oblong, Rectangle, Heart or Oval.
Fun part comes after when you find out the right shape.

Round-Shaped Faces− Rectangular Frames

Lets say you have soft chin line, full cheeks and forehead proportional to its width and length. This means you are Round Face Shape, so what eyeglasses you looking for that will add definition to your adorable face. Look for glasses that have rectangular frames or strong angular shape will definitely rock your world. Try to avoid circle frames, as they will put a grimy look to your face.

Square-Shaped Faces− Soft and Round Frames

If your face has a strong jaw with broad forehead in proportion to length and width, then you are definitely a square, not with your personality but with your face shape. Have confidence, you got highly fashionable Square Face Shape. A face shape like yours requires eyeglasses or eyeglasses frames that are softer on the edges and round. Sitting high on your nose will elongate the face shape. Stay away from overly boxy narrow kind of eyeglasses frame.

Diamond-Shaped Faces− Cat eye and Oval Frames

Narrow forehead with narrow jaw line, similar to a precious stone icon, you are unquestionably the Diamond Face Shape. You can play up with your features with the most demandable cat eye and oval shapes eyeglasses frames. Your cheekbones will be more emphasized by it. Stop your hands for boxy straight-across frames, as these will accentuate the cheeks width.

Oblong-Shaped Faces− Wide and Oversized Frames

If you had a longer face than the wide part of your face, it means you are Oblong Face Shape. You must try oversized eyeglasses, which is wider and large to your face. Look for the eyeglasses shapes that are round having a depth in it. On avoiding side, too small or short eyeglasses frames are a big no to you.

Rectangular-Shaped Faces− Curvy or Oval Frames

What if your jaw line is strong however instead of wide face it is longer? Don’t panic! You have a Rectangle Face Shape. Just like square face shape, play with the curvy or oval eyeglasses. Again short or rectangular eyeglasses frames are not for your face. It will deplete the feature of your face.

Heart- Shaped Faces− Thin Metal or Rimless Frames

A broad forehead and cheekbones with narrow chin makes you as delegate and soft as heart. Yes, you have Heart Face Shape. Rimless frames will look gorgeous on you, thin metal frame eyeglasses or clear plastic is the best. Avoid from big overly or frames with heavy looks for the reason that it might overwhelm your face. Eyeglasses frames should soften your strong face feature rather than eyeglasses accentuate it.

Oval- Shaped Faces− Almost Every Type

If all the features of your face, forehead, cheekbones and chin are proportionate it means you have an Oval Face Shape. Lucky you, you can try almost every type of eyeglasses frames. So choose what you like as it will suit you.
In simple, the more angular your face features, the rounder the eyeglasses should be. The more round face features, the more angular eyeglasses frame should be.

eyeglasses frame

Tips for Selecting the Frame You Want To Wear

When it comes to choosing from a variety of eyeglasses frames, people get confused. Whether it is a prescription glasses or sunglasses. Therefore, here are some cool tips to make your worries go away.

The Frame:

Different frame built are available in the market. You can choose from a super thin side frames as wire frames that are simple and more basic. For a neat and sharp look, you can carry these frames all day, easily and happily.

You can also go chunky and bold frames that have heavy frame body. So the thicker the frame is, it will get stylish. Most sunglasses comes with the thicker frames but the legendary Aviator is the all season pocket item and a fashion need.


What color to choose? It is a big question, Colors like tan, brown, gray, or colors that match the hair color are more basic. If you are a professional individual, you will need to choose from the light colors variety.

A bright color on the other side is more stylish and it will give a bold statement to the look. Big side frames with colors like a tortoise, brown, beige, green or golden will definitely add fashionable appearance to your style.


There is no hard and fast rule that what shape is the best fit for you but the most basic advice is how comfortable are you by wearing it. A rectangular shape frame is the simplest style. It is more basic so such frames can use for all day wearing.

Frames that are more round like or square shapes are fashionable. Do not hesitate to grab frames with angles and edges, as these are the popular one these days.

Get ones that fit:

There are three simple rules to know whether the frame is the best fit or not. Firstly, the top front of the frame should not cover the eyebrows, as it will look bad if your eyebrows are see through from the lens. Second, the bottom should not be so big. If it is too large then it will set upon your cheeks and you will spend much time in adjusting the frame while you talk. The last rule is that the pupil of your eye should be in the center of the lens. It will not only help in your vision but your eye placement will come in the center of the frame.

Sunglasses to protect your eyes

Guide for Selecting Sunglasses, Eye Health Depends Upon It

Your fashion factor is just one aspect when you put on your favorite sunglasses. Many other things are attached to just wearing sunglasses and the most important one is the health of your eyes. Yes, you read it right; sunglasses can affect eyes health if you wear it without proper instructions.


Grab some shades as you head for summer parties or shopping, or anywhere outdoor whether it is sunny or partly cloudy, or even full cloudy.


To make life easy just follow these simple rules to select the pair that will just not only look good on your face but it will also protect your peepers.

Are Your Sunglasses UV Protector?

In summers, the sun is spreading so much of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, undetectable and unfelt. It boosts vitamin D when taken in small dosage. When the intake gets high problems like sunburn, itching gets started, and the most dangerous outcome can lead towards skin cancer. These UV radiations also damage the eyes.


Exposing your eyes to direct sunlight can leads to cataracts. The retina can also damage from it, which enables us to see the picture clearer instead of blurry. It can also cover your eyes with certain tissues that grow from UV.


Before your hands grab the price tag and eyes start looking for the mentioned price, read the label first. Do such sunglasses even block the UVA and UVB rays to 100 percent or not. If not, then these are not the sunglasses suitable for your face. It is better to leave them on the rack.

How Good They Fit On Your Face

Good pairs that are not fitting well onto your face will allow UV rays to leach into your eyes and onto the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. A worthy pair is the one that is not touching to your eyelashes, and not falling out. It has to be in line with your eyebrows.


Sunglasses covering your whole eyes will help in blocking the UV rays. It will also help in stopping dust and allergens from entering into the eyes. It is not good for your eyes.

Polarized Lenses

These lenses can moderate glare in the snow, at the sandy places, or near the beaches. However, these lenses cannot overtake to UV protection lens.


Polarized lens definitely helps to see things better when the light contingency is higher but reduces the effectiveness while using it for the screens of computers, smart phones, and other electronic LCDs.

Darkness and Color

An almost black lens does not make it UV ray protector. Read the label properly to see UV protect or not. The black small circle at the center of the eye is Pupil and it controls the light amount to enter into the eye.


When you put on black shades, it makes pupil open more for the light for better sight. If the shades are not UV protected, you are clearly allowing more UV rays to go into your back of eyes. Making more risk of affecting the eye by UV.


Now do not fear while you hang out in the summers because now you know that how to equip your eyes with the right pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the UV exposure.

contact lenses for childrens

Perfect Age of Wearing Contact Lenses for Children

Have your child ever come to you showing interest in contact lenses instead of eye glasses? You might have wondered he might not be at the appropriate age. Well, what is the applicable age then? Or sometimes you may also think what contacts are better for your child. Here are some ideas and tips to take into consideration while dealing with these questions.


Parents may think that contact lenses are dangerous for children as compared to eyeglasses but this however is not true. They both can be dangerous if not taken proper care otherwise. And contacts are an alternative to glasses. We will talk about it later.


However, interesting fact is that children’s eyes have a greater degree of tolerance against lenses from a young age.

Does age matter?

contact lenses

The most important factor while deciding whether to wear lenses is not about the age, but it is actually about the level of maturity one has gained and how well one can cope with lenses. If contacts are not properly used, handled and taken care of then it may lead to eye damages.


Therefore a rigorous and punctilious child is the best prospect for lenses.


Age is not an important factor for kids while deciding whether to wear or not but there are multifocal contact lenses that usually adults above age 40 wear as they become Presbyopic. But let’s not beat around the bush.

Indications of Maturity you should see in Your Child before deciding about Contact Lenses.

How can you learn about your child’s maturity level? Well it is simple. See for things such as; is your child opting clean and tidy habits and giving emphasis on hygiene factors? Also does your child undertake responsibilities and instructions more seriously? Or even, having the lack of energy, your child properly organizes things before sleeping?


This is important because lenses need to be taken good care of. It should be properly placed into its container after being removed or else it may get dry, dusty and damage your child’s eye. Compromise on health is not an option.

Are Contact Lenses Beneficial for Children?

Contacts may bring few advantages over glasses, but well, it highly depends on what the doctor has prescribed and also in few cases contacts may not be relevant to a child’s eye. Here are different factors that bring you in a comfortable zone if your child is prescribed for/interested in wearing contact lens.


  1. Peripheral (side) Vision is enhanced:

    How does this work? And how is it beneficial for your child? Well, Contact lens fits perfectly in the cornea of an eye and not only gives a better vision of the object in the center but also gives the vision of the whole field (surroundings). This helps in child’s physical activities such as sports and improves his/her ability to perform better.

  2. Fewer Chances of Injuries:

gamer kid


Eyeglasses can have an impact with physical objects; it can break while doing physical activities leading to injuries. Whereas, while wearing contacts, safety equipments can be worn like Goggles, Helmets etc. that might not vex a child and protect his/her eyes as well. Note that, if eyes are rubbed a lot while wearing contact lenses it can lead to eye damage.


  1. Other Factors:

    In summers, wearing glasses can lead to irritation and may leave a spot on both sides of the nose; it may slip off due to sweating (especially because of exertion). Lenses will not have such problems and will also provide a stable vision (as they don’t slip off).

  2. Boosting your child’s self esteem:

    Your child may not like wearing spectacles, due to being insecure of the looks it may give him/her so contacts can be a perfect alternative. Self esteem is an important part of a child, as it may enable him/her to be confident in participating for different activities/events.

Do Contact Lenses Always Provide a Greater Merit Than Eyeglasses For Children?

lenses for kids

Now that we have talked about the benefits of wearing contact lenses, there are possible drawbacks as well:

  1. Soft lenses tear easily:

    because they are not made up of hard/firm material, cleaning them may easily lead to tearing and scratches. Usually kids are not ready for responsibilities such as properly organizing things and properly handling things, if reminded otherwise, this can be dangerous as eye lenses are delicate and can damage eyes and vision. Spectacles on the other hand are relatively a safe option as they can be easily handled and cleaned.

  2. Not a one-time wear:

    Soft eye lenses cannot be worn for too long or used as the only method for vision error because they absorb water from eyes and can result in dry eyes, and so they have to be removed after few hours of wearing. For that reason you still need glasses. This may make a kid annoyed of repeatedly wearing and removing eye lens resulting in lack of motivation to give it a good care.

Contacts do not only come in transparent form but are also available in colored form. Colored lens brings about an opportunity for kids to have different eye colors without compromising on their vision! Colored eye contacts can also work as a matching scheme with your outfit. Kids especially girls usually find it interesting to have colored eyes.


For kids with no vision problem but a desire to have colored eyes, can have Plano eye contacts which plays the role only for changing eye color as they are not for vision correction purpose.

Other Kinds of Contact Lenses

Eye lenses have been revolutionized and are available in many other kinds. Now there are advanced forms of lens; hard lens, extended lens and sun soft lens.


Hard Contact lenses are also known as GPs or RGPs; well these are Rigid Gas Permeable. These lenses are made up of rigid, durable plastic material and allow more oxygen to pass through it than soft lenses to corneal tissues and keep them healthy. This provides a better vision and protects eye to a greater degree as compared to soft lens. In contrast to soft lens, GP (hard) contacts do not absorb tears from eyes not resulting in dry eyes. Such lens can be worn for a continuous period of up to 30 days.


Extended lens is another kind of soft lens and is different from daily wear lens. According to the research (FDA-USA) this lens is made up of silicone hydrogel which is why oxygen is transmitted more easily to the cornea. The special feature of this lens is that it can be worn continuously for 7 days.


Sun soft lens is UV protected lens that allow a less intake of UV rays that protects your inner tissue. This can provide a UV protection to your child’s eye, if your child is much into outdoor activities then this type of lens will perfectly suit the environment.

How Are They Advantageous for Children

Distinctive feature of hard lens, such as being rigid and being made up of hard surface (plastic); dust is not easily amassed on the lens providing a longer life than soft lens. These are also subject to easy wash because due to its hard surface it may not easily get scratched. Also Hard Contacts are stiffer in eyes than soft lenses providing more protection to your child’s eye and giving a better vision of the surroundings.


Extended lens will allow your child to wear it for longer time period without taking into responsibility for removing and wearing it again and again, because repetitive wearing and removing of lens sometimes can damage your eye if carelessly handled.

Are Eye Contacts better than Eyeglasses?

contect lenseseyeglasses


We cannot make a clear distinction between both and as mentioned above it mostly depends on what the doctors have prescribed. Take considerations carefully into account and take proper instructions from your optometrist because they know what is best suited for your eyes. Most often, in Pakistan doctors don’t prescribe contacts to kids instead of spectacles but that doesn’t mean contacts should not be worn or that you should be choosing spectacles over contacts.


Whatever you choose for your child, just remember to check if he/she is properly handling it and taking well care of. Otherwise, it will become subject to scratches and dust leading to poor vision and other eye problems. Eye health depends entirely on the amount of care provided by you for your eye goggles and or contacts, whichever meets your requirement!


How Often Eyeglasses Needs Replacement

Been years now and you haven’t replaced your eyeglasses because you didn’t find any changes in your vision; there are other reasons to take into account. According to optometrists, old specs should be replaced with new ones after 1 – 2 years.


It is however important to schedule an eye exam after an approximated 6 months time, especially for people with weak eyesight problems.

Reasons to Replace Old Ones


 1 – Old lens are contorted and scratched:

 before after - eyeglasses


No matter how much care you have been providing to your spectacles, yet they have still been subject to scratches; because after sometime of continuous wear and tear they naturally deform its shape and get scratched. Such flaws are dangerous for your eyes leading to poor vision, and adversely affecting your eyesight.

2 – New Technology:

new technology


Old times have gone, and the modern era brings an advanced optical design technology i.e. aspheric lens which has flatter curves and is thinner than archaic lens, giving you a much better and accurate vision. Furthermore, lenses have Anti-Reflective and Anti Scratch coatings increasing the life span of frames and lenses and reducing glare allowing you to asses object more clearly.

Night driving is feasible: 

Anti reflective lenses also helps you to drive safely at night because usually direct light of cars or street lights reduces the focus from road and makes it difficult for you to assess objects.

Your frame is behind the times:

You might be still wearing old and outdated frames, and thinking it gives you a retro look, well never mistake old specs with retro glasses. Although vintage glasses are trendy nowadays but new modern frames allows you to take years off your face and keeps you in fashion. Even if retro frames appeals you, grab a new pair and not live on old ones.

Problem with the archaic frames:

Old frames also get loose and slip off quite often, this indication shows that it is the time you move on to a new pair or get a frame that suits your face structure as there are variety of frames available now.

3 – Eye problems:

eye problems


Your eyesight may weaken due to other health problems but the main reason why people face a fall in their vision is because they have been wearing old, dusty lenses for a very long time which causes blurred vision. This may also cause other eye problems such as eyestrain resulting in headaches and watery eyes. For this reason it is important to replace old pair with new one so that clarity in vision is enhanced and that eye problems are reduced and taken into control.


Never Compromise on Your Health

eyes health


Well the above reasons have explained you why old pair should to be replaced with new ones, and what problems it contains if not done otherwise. You might not be scheduling an eye check because maybe you didn’t have time or grabbing a new pair of specs is expensive;


In general not only eye health is important, other health issues should be considered. Visiting a doctor quite often, even if it is an optometrist, or whosoever, a complete check of yourself will allow you to learn about any changes required in your daily activities and habits and given prescriptions can be of a great benefit to you.


Signs You Need Eyeglasses

You might have gone years without spectacles and never found a progressive change in your eyesight and because of that reason having an eye exam was not seen as an option.

Although an eye check is the best possible way to learn about your eyesight, however there are other indications as well, that adds to your knowledge whether spectacles are needed or not. The signs are merely a barometer to assess if your eyesight has weakened or not and gives a signal that you have to give optometrist a visit.

Here we will talk about the signs concerning your need for eyeglasses.


7 Signs You Should Know


1 – Squinting More Often


weak eyesight


A person with weak eyesight would need to squint more often in order to get a better vision of a blurred image, because while doing so the pupil of the eye gets smaller and intakes less amount of light making light rays to focus more properly on the retina, situated at the back of the eye. Note that, this is a temporary fix and not something that most people think, would reshape their faulty eyeballs.


2 – Find Yourself Close to The TV


reason of eye weakness


Sitting near to the TV can prove to be the most powerful signal of weak eyesight. A myopic (nearsighted) person sits close to the TV in order to compensate for the blurred images from far away.


3 – Eye Strain


eye stain


How do you know that strain in eyes is because of weak eyesight? It can be caused by various reasons such as allergies, lack of sleep etc. But having eye strain due to activities such as reading, watching TV, using electronic devices, proves to be an indicator for weak eyesight.


4 – Halo Effect in Eyesight


halo effect

It is a major symptom of having weak eyes, because the light cannot properly focus on the retina in the back of the eye. It is due to this reason that you see circles around different light sources such as bulb, headlights etc, which could be corrected through wearing prescribed glasses.


5 – Blurry Vision


 blurry vision


If you are facing blurry vision while seeing objects in distance the reason is that you have become a myopic (nearsighted) or if objects near you have become blurred then you have a refraction error of being hyperopic (far sighted).


6 – Using Mobile Devices to as Near Your Eyes as Possible


People usually with eye sight problems are found using their mobiles, tablets etc, really close to their eyes. Not only the far sighted people use it this close, but most often being a myopic also leads to blurry visions of near objects however blurriness in this case is relatively less.


7 – Reading Problems


It is the same case scenario as the previous point and this can also work as an indication as well. With age this is a normal problem as after 40’s people start having problem in reading and writing that is the time they need to pay a visit to a doctor and not just adjust their book or newspaper near/far to their eyes. This is not something common with children so for them it is even more important to visit a doctor because there can not only be vision problem but other eye related problems as well.


Understanding at Conclusion

Now that you are well aware of the signs you need spectacles for your vision correction and it is really important to note that you should have an eye exam after every 6 months time.

Even if you have really never seen any changes in your eye sight and none of the above signs are relatable, even then visiting an optometrist would not turn to be a waste. Other eye problems can be detected and suitable prescription can be given.

Steps for Cleaning Contact Lens

Steps for Cleaning Contact Lens

Eyewear such as contact lenses has to be given proper amount of care, or else they will become dusty, and may tear easily especially when it comes to kids.


A person who gives emphasis on hygiene factors quite often and is consistent in keeping things to order is the best prospect for lenses.


Soft contacts are delicate as compared to hard contact lenses but even then both are to be handled properly or else you might damage your eyes leading to allergies like red eye etc, and in worst case scenario may even lead to infections such as Keratitis and Fungal Eye Infection.


In order to get yourself away from such infections, the first thing to keep in mind is to clean your contacts quite often using proper prescribed solutions for them.


Here are few steps that will provide you with the best cleaning solution for your contacts.


Steps to Keep in Mind


Step 1:  Grab Appropriate Solution

The most imperative part for the cleansing of your lens, therefore, keep in mind that always use fresh solution every time.


Also make sure you are using proper solution for your kind of contacts, your optometrist may prescribe the best one.


Saline solutions should not be used for cleaning as they don’t contain cleansing agents and are of no use. Multi-Purpose solutions are best as they are “no-rub” solutions; used for rinsing, disinfecting and storing purpose. This enzymatic cleaner helps in removing protein from the lens that are dangerous for eyes; leading to irritations and infections.

Step 2:  Prepare a Container

lens container

Next thing recommended is to get ready with the container you’ll put lens in so that you place lens directly in their compartments and not paper towel or hand after rinsing, in order to prevent the risk of letting the lens catch dirt, debris and scratches.


Clean the lens to remove dirt (if any) and add appropriate solution you want to use for lens cleansing.


Make sure you have grabbed a fresh new container if you’ve been using old one for about 2 weeks.


Step 3: Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands frequently is a good habit but in case of cleaning contacts you have to be more sophisticated and cautious.


Never use fragrance soaps or oil soaps, instead rinse your hands with Anti-Bacterial soaps and thoroughly dry your hands with Microfiber towel also known as lint free towel as they remove bacteria to a 98.9%.


Step 4:  Clean the Lens

Clean the Lens

You should be really firm when cleaning contacts otherwise they may get scratched and tear. The following methods are to be done with utmost care:


  • Place the convex part of your lens on your palm (facing down).
  • Pour only one drop of the prescribed solution and allow it to soak for few seconds.
  • Gently cover the lid with your index finger and slowly move up and down and left and right. Note that moving in circles may lead to tearing.


Step 5:  Place Lens in the Proper Container

Proper lens Container

After rinsing put the lens back to its container and shut the caps tightly. Then shake the container firmly (lens may damage if shook hard). This process helps in removing dirt and deposits to a high extent.


Make sure you keep lens in the compartments for as long as mentioned on the container, varies from few minutes to several hours, depending on the dirt level.


Other Solutions

The steps shown above may not always work in cleaning your lens properly maybe because of the reason that your lens are filled with thick dirt and debris. Moreover, the reason could be that you have been using same contacts for more than its life span.


If your lens is very dirty, you may use strong solution like Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) for cleansing purpose but note that this solution should not be used as the only source but instead rinse with saline solution too. HP is a strong solution and may damage your eyes, even lead to dangerous infections therefore don’t put lens directly after cleaning it with HP solution.


Even then if you are facing cloudy vision and the haze is still not removed, set a schedule with your optometrist and get yourself prescribed with the best method possible.

How Do Women Look Good in Eyeglasses?

Eyeglass is merely for vision correction purpose and as compared to sunglasses, it is not seen as a fashion accessory but in this new era where fashion and style is emerging, people search for frames that make them look elegant.


When it comes to women, they really consider fashion while choosing almost anything, and just like that women select spectacles that are trendy. Eyeglass frames for women or even men are using latest fashions.


However, not only the trendy and good-looking frames enhance the look of women but there can be other factors that we will talk about.


Choosing Frames That Suits Facial Features


1. Eyebrows:


Choose frames that goes in line with your eyebrows and keep them visible because spectacles that hides your eyebrows will truly not enhance your look


If for instance, you have a hard or soft angled and well-shaped eyebrow wayfarer eyeglass or even square frames will compliment your face structure.


Small thin square or rectangular frames will best suit your straight eyebrows and will well balance your overall look.

2. Eye Color:


If you really want to amplify the color of your eye while wearing an eyeglass, use frames that go with your eye color, for example, blue frames to match with your blue eyes.


However, normally women grab frames that matches their eyebrow color, like, red for red eyebrow and so on, but it depends entirely on your taste.

3. Skin Tone:


You might not consider your skin tone while choosing the frames, but it actually helps in providing you a bold and clean-cut look.


It is easy to assess which color frame will go with your skin tone, it is simple. If you have cool tone, choose dark and bright colors such as purple, pink, black, silver, gray, dark tortoise etc.


A warm skin tone will be best complimented by light colored frames such as beige, light tortoise, brown, gold or golden yellow, deep peach etc.

4. Strong Cheekbone or Any Other Facial Feature:


Frames that favors your facial feature and highlights it rather than going against it will enhance your look, therefore grab frames which really showoff these facial features!


Matching Eyeglasses with Your Hairstyle


1. Bun Updo:


Have a bold, thick frame with wide angles? Well in such case the best way to highlight the frames and give yourself a nice and stylish look is to go with a bun updo.

2. Bob with Bangs:


Such a trendy yet formal hairstyle that makes you look cute and attractive fits perfectly with large round or cat eye frames allowing you to stand out from the audience.

3. Bangs with Wavy Hair:


For frames that are thin with having a rectangular shape or even a flat top with large bottom will really compliment this hairstyle and make you look charming.

4. Curly Hair:


A very attractive and charming hairstyle that will give you a bold and vivid statement if used with a round shaped eyeglass. Short curly hair suits best with small round frames while long curly hair looks best with large round frames.


Such hairstyle can also compliment your look if selected with a square shaped frame too.


These are just few types of hairstyles therefore next time when you visit your hairstylist grab your eyeglass with you to the salon, so that you could get a haircut and make a style that suits with your type of frame.

Rules of Wearing Sunglasses

Grabbing a sunglass pair does not only mean it helps in protecting your eyes or helps in showing off your attributes and features but it also means that you should know what rules lie behind a pair of sunglass.


Here we will talk about the rules that one should know when wearing sunglasses as a means of daily accessory. The tips below will boost your image and improve your standing.


Rules of Wearing


1. Take Off While Conducting Business Meetings

Body language plays a pivotal role while communicating with people and so does eyes, as it shows sincerity if communication is done while looking at other’s eyes. It helps in building a bridge between sender and the receiver and improves the communication.


If you are conducting a business meeting while wearing shades, the communication will be distorted as receiver will focus on what the sender hides behind those sunglasses. Therefore, remove shades before any meeting and if conducting an outdoor meeting with your client find a spot that’s shady so that you could remove sunglasses and contain an effective exchange of words.


2. Properly Handle Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an integral part of your accessory and just like you care for any other kind of fashion accessory such as watch, shoes etc. They really help in giving statement and enhances the look. Shades really puts a person in the spotlight and stands him/her out of the audience.


Not only that, sunglasses are also an accessory that prevents your eyes to be directly exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays therefore, one should know how to cope with sunglasses. Eye health depends on them so provide good amount of care and put them in its specified container to keep it away from scratches.


3. Keep Sunglasses Off When Indoors

Wearing sunglasses indoors looks quite irrelevant and disrespectful unless you have any medical condition for instance, bright lights may lead to stressed eyes, or possibly eye strain. Wearing eyeglasses indoors may also be perceived as if you are hiding something.


4. Sunglasses Distorts Communication

Wearing sunglasses while talking will not mean an effective communication unless you are driving, having a walk in hot summers but otherwise an “eye-to-eye” communication is what that leads to a good conversation.


Moreover, people will not focus on what you are saying instead they’ll be thinking what might you be hiding, or what your eyes might be doing.


5. Invest in Good Sunglasses

Oftentimes people look at sunglasses merely as a luxury accessory and they end up buying cheap shades in an attempt that it suits them and nothing else, but always remember sunglasses aren’t just a luxurious fashion accessory they actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and some also filter out blue light.


Next time when you are out there and purchasing sunglasses do look for a tag that says 100% UV protected even if you have to pay little extra.


6. Use Shades According to Your Profession

Each and every kind of sunglasses reflects different statement and are worn according to your outfit. Well if you are a business man/woman and while shopping for sunglasses for men or women you should go for wayfarers.


They give a statement that “Let’s talk business” Businessmen out there, pinstripe suit and wayfarer, isn’t that a great combination!


Just like that, lounging on a beach wearing Hawaiian shirt with shorts, flip-flops and above all that you have worn round glasses; this would really enhance your look and would make you one of a kind.



You people out there go grab something that fits in all these rules, so that you can get fully benefited from the shades you are investing in.

Types of Plastic Lens: The Best Guide

As we are all aware of the fact that technology has been emerging into the world, and by “World” we really mean “Everything!”. Just like that, even eyeglass industry has been revolutionized, giving birth to new technical kinds of lenses.


Today we will talk about the types of plastic lens and not just that, each type will be touched in detail.


There used to be a time when the only kind of plastic lens would be standard plastic lens. This lens was the most common one to be prescribed by optometrists and were of the lowest quality than what we have in the eyewear industry today.


Now plastic lenses are made with superlative types of plastic and are much more scratch and impact resistant along with being much thinner and lighter.


Let’s start with the types of plastic lenses after technical changes.


1. Polycarbonate Plastic Lens

Eyeglass lens manufacturers have developed this type of lens that provide a 100% protection from harmful UV rays of sun and as compared to conventional plastic lens, it is 10 times lighter in weight and resistant to impact.


Such lens is also called a high-performing lens because of it properties like being highly resistance to heat, giving an excellent vision clarity and being splitter proof. This lens is the best candidate for kids and for sports activities.


2. Photochromic Lens

A highly versatile material that has the ability to change its lens color between clear and dark, when indoors or in low light it is more transparent to give a clear vision, however, when being exposed to sun’s light it becomes dark and cuts glare to a high amount while giving your eye protection from UV rays as well.


3. High Index Plastic Lens

High index lens itself tells that it is for people having strong prescription which means having a refraction error of myopia (nearsightedness). Such lens is thinner and lighter than polycarbonate lens, because to give clear vision of distant objects thinner edges are much more compatible and it allows to bend light more efficiently.  High Index lens is also UV protected and helps reduce eye strain or fatigue if worn for prolonged periods.


This lens gives the wearers a really strong vision, and defines the objects to a high extent. Using an Anti-Reflective coating feature, the vision clarity would be enhanced even more especially at night.


4. Aspheric Plastic Lens

This type of lens is made up with an optical technology that allows it to be more flatter and thinner than conventional lens that are spherical in shape. The shape of this lens makes the wearer look more attractive along with correcting astigmatism, especially strong astigmatism.


5. High Definition lens

High Definition (HD) lens are the best thing since sliced bread in the eyewear industry. This digital lens provides the wearers to get a crisp and accurate measure of objects and provide the best vision possible.


Just learn about this lens something as a HD channel on a T.V, when used on eyeglasses such lens will give wearer deep details of the surrounding along with giving strong color and contrast perceptions.


HD lens are build and optimized using computer aided equipment which is why the lens is most precise for vision clarity than regular and old lens which enables the wearer to enjoy both combination of near and distance vision.

tom ford eye glasses and sunglasses

4 Importance and Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses in Winters

The perception that stands when buying sunglasses is that it is the most important accessory for fashion; to enhance looks and appearance. Some people might even look at it as an accessory that helps eye from being damaged from the harmful UV rays.


Mostly people prefer wearing sunglasses in summers but have you wondered why spectacles are also important in winters as much in summers? or even how? Here are 4 reasons spectacles help and benefit you in winters


1. Helps in Reducing Glare

 If you are living in an area where winter brings in snow, spectacles are an essential part of your daily wear, because the rays of sunlight are reflected from snow and ice causing glare which can blunt your vision. In such case, wearing spectacles can act as a shield from the reflected glare and improve your vision, bringing clarity and less eye fatigue. Consider buying gray or black sunglass as it is the best prospect in dealing with reflected glare.


2. Renders Vision Clarity in Extreme Weather Conditions

Winter comes with extreme weather conditions such as haze, snow, fog which we also refer to as low-light conditions where it becomes really hard for your pupil to expand enough to bring in adequate amount of light, which distorts your vision.


For such reasons, yellow, blue or purple tinted sunglass lens works best as they are designed in such a way which makes them suitable for conditions mentioned above, boosting your eye’s sharpness and vision and allowing you to navigate easily through these extremely unpleasant weather conditions.


Wearing these tinted lenses is essential if you are much into sports like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding etc.


3. Protects From Harmful UV Rays

When talking about winters, many people perceive that the UV rays are not entering the earth’s surface due to cloudy atmosphere and cold but the truth is that no matter what the season is sun’s harmful UV rays are reaching earth’s surface and note that, not all UV rays becomes a problem in winters.


There are two types of UV rays; UVA and UVB, the UVA rays will reach earth irrespective of earth being rotated and tilted far away from the sun because these are long rays and they do not change in intensity according to the season therefore, such rays can damage your eyes as much as they can in summers.


The UVB rays become less intense in winters due to the reason that they are short rays, also they may hardly reach earth’s surface therefore getting a sun tan is not really a problem in winters.


In order to maximize your eyes’ safety and to protect the sensitive part of the eye skin i.e. eyelids, wear sunglasses and if you are a sports person then try wearing wraparound style spectacles.


4. Protects Your Eyes From Dryness, Dust Particles and Wind

In winters, along with your skin your eyes dry as well, the moisture is evaporated and in order to prevent that wear wraparound style sunglasses.


Winters are much windier which brings more windblown particles that may enter your eyes leading to scratches, and eye problems therefore it is best to keep your eyes safe from dust and debris by wearing sunglasses. Although close-fitting spectacles works best in protecting your eyes but even normal wayfarers or aviators may even prevent such dust particles from entering your eye to some extent.

how to use contact lens

6 Things to Consider When Using Contact Lens

Contact lens is sometimes given priority when it comes to choosing between spectacles because of the reason that contacts gives more vision functionality, it boosts peripheral vision too. Moreover, specs hinder people from indulging in sports activities whereas, wearing contacts can be a safer option.


These are few of the many reasons why contacts are the first option coming in people’s mind. However, coping with contacts is therefore not a really easy task, responsibility becomes greater and hygienic factors should well be considered.


Now let’s talk about the things you should always consider when using contact lens, irrespective of whether these are best contact lenses or not.


1. Wash Your Hands Before Handling Contacts

Hands are the very first transmitters of bacteria to your contacts therefore rinse your hands with anti-bacterial soap before you are putting lens back on or taking it off from your eyes. It is recommended that you use lint-free towels to soak your hands.


2. Clean Your Lens Daily

It is however a really important factor for a contact wearer, cleaning your lens daily is a must! Contacts easily catch debris, dirt, protein and not only that, bacteria can also accumulate therefore daily clean contacts using disinfectants to remove debris, dirt, protein, bacteria etc.


3. Avoid Using the Same Solution for Prolonged Periods

Using the same solution again that you once used for cleaning your contacts may be a dangerous option as the bacteria would proliferate on the surface of lens and putting it in your eyes may lead to dangerous bacterial infection.


4. Rinse Your Container Quite Often

The container should be cleaned once every week with anti-bacterial soap and make sure you dry out the compartments for the reason that bacteria may rest in as it loves moisture. Moreover, the solution poured for previous use should be changed with a new one every day.


Many optometrists suggest that contacts should be stored in an unopened case for up to 30 days and not more than that but only if you use bio-true multi-purpose solution because it helps to keep lens sterile, cleans debris, dirt and protein accumulations as compared to saline solution.


5. Prevent Over wearing of Contact Lens

You should really be concerned about the time before you should take off your contacts and allow your eyes to rest and absorb oxygen otherwise, soft contact lenses if worn for too long, may result in swollen eyes leading to irritation and much more chances of bacterial infections.


If you have to wear contacts for prolonged periods then try using extended wear soft contact lens which can be worn for up to 30 days as it transmits oxygen 5 times more and doesn’t allow your eyes to swell. However, always schedule a meeting with your eye doctor and ask for their prescription.


6. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

It is really harmful to rub your eyes while you have contacts on; however rubbing your eye even if you aren’t wearing contacts is not encouraged either.


When you rub your eyes due to irritation, it may get even worse and your eyes may get red and itchy even further. The best way is to use eye drops and get rid of irritation and itches.


Moreover, the possible disadvantage behind rubbing the eyes when contacts are worn or not is that your cornea changes from round shape to cone like shape i.e. pointed which causes blurriness and may lead to corneal transplant.


Struggles – Only People with Eyeglasses Understand

While eyeglasses are your best bet when it comes to improving the vision along with giving a stylish statement, almost everyone goes through struggles of wearing spectacles.


Just to remind you that contacts are sometimes preferred over spectacles due to providing more functionality and convenience, but handling them is difficult especially for kids and the maintenance cost is quite high.


Anyway, let’s talk about the struggles almost everyone with specs go through


1. Eyeglass Lens Fogging Up

One of the most common struggle spec wearers face is to have a fogged up glasses. It might happen due to stepping into a hot area through a cold one, such as; the most seen reason is, when someone gets out of a chilled car in hot summers.


Isn’t it annoying when you have to wait for few seconds before your glass lens adjusts with the weather and the fog is removed? We bet it is.


2. Restraining People From Different Activities

The most frustrating part of wearing spectacles is that it holds you back in doing number of activities, if you are much into outdoor sports you have surely gone through this struggle.


Playing sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket etc., is unsafe for spec wearers due to the consequence of getting severe injury; without spectacles it may be difficult for people to see and assess objects for the reason of blurred vision.


If you face such struggle, don’t compromise on your sports/activities and grab a pair of close-fitted or wraparound style glasses.


3. Frequent Slip-offs

During hot summers, exertion leads to excessive sweating consequently which people wearing glasses face, a more frequent nose bridge slip-offs and they try to adjust it again and again.


Some people have this habit of pushing glasses back to its initial point but for most people perceive it as an annoying experience. However, slip-offs do not always happen due to sweating but the reason maybe that the glasses have gotten old and became loose and it is the time to buy a new shinning pair.


4. Visiting Optometrist Quite Often

Although eye health is really important and to maintain it, meetings must be scheduled quite often with your eye doctor, but mostly people find it as a struggle maybe because they are busy and have to specially take out time for a visit. Well, whatever the reason might be, frequent health check-ups are highly important including your eye health otherwise poor vision and eye problems might be the consequence.


5. Regular Changes in Prescription

Prescription being changed is a common struggle faced by many people who wear glasses, maybe because they have an eye lens problem which automatically changes to a higher number after sometime or maybe it changes due to excessive use of digital devices etc.


Whatever the reason might be, scheduling a meeting with an eye doctor after every 6 months could be a nuisance for some people. Although, not everyone with spectacles is subject to regular changes in prescription, but because glass frame deforms and lens become dusty after few months, people face blurred vision meaning that it’s time to invest in new lens and frame.

don't put sunglasses on head

Why Shouldn’t You Put Sunglasses on Top of Your Head?

Getting caught up in so much work and you decide to swoosh your sunglasses on top of your head to save time? Well you should get rid of this habit. Many people are seen while wearing sunglasses on their head instead of their eyes, especially women.


The time when the idea of putting shades on top of your head occurs is when you are entering a grocery store, not finding a hair catcher etc.


Reasons to Not Wear Sunglasses on Your Head


1. Sunglasses are Not a hair Accessory

The purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays and cut glare where necessary if the shades are 100% UV protected. Moreover, eyelid is the most sensitive area of your eye, and sunglass helps to protect it as well.


Oftentimes, people especially women put shades on their head while they are shopping or running errand but whatever the reason is, sunglasses should be worn on eyes or the other action you could take is to fold them and put them into the specified container. There is no third option.


Just imagine instead of protecting your eyes and eyelids from the dangerous UV rays, you are utilizing pair of sunglasses for a purpose that it doesn’t provide.

2. The Shape Gets Distorted

When you keep on swooshing sunglasses on top of your head, the temples of your shades gets loose and slips off quite often. Not only that, but even the shape gets distorted quickly and the lens may get scratched or get dusty impacting your vision and the ability of sunglasses to cut the glare and block much of the UV rays will diminish.


Although buying expensive pair of your best sunglasses with having anti-scratch coating will reduce such problems to a great extent but still safety and handling of your sunglasses is necessary and eventually the shape gets distorted irrespective of how cheap or expensive the sunglasses are.


Make sure you always try putting shades in the container instead of your head when you are not using them or getting yourself busy in some work.

3. Slip-offs May Have Higher Chance

Here’s a question, does your sunglasses frame holds your hair or your hair holds your sunglasses frame? Well the reason behind this question is that whenever you try putting pair of shades on your head it will slip-off, sometimes suddenly or sometimes after a while but it will happen.


If you are not finding a hair catcher don’t look at your pair of shades as one because that is not what it does and as we have mentioned above that doing so will lead to distortion of the shape. Sometimes people, and by people we mean women, find wearing sunglasses on top of their head as a fashionable thing. When you wear sunglasses on your eyes, it enhances your look and makes a statement instead of when you wear them on your head.


Is There a Negative Impact of NOT Wearing Eyeglasses When You Have a Poor Vision?

Suddenly you realize that seeing a blackboard or a TV from a distance is not as clear as it was before and there is a slight blurriness in your vision, but you didn’t take it seriously and thought wearing eyeglasses wasn’t necessary.


Will it worsen your eyesight even more? Well, of course it will, but only if you are wearing a prescribed one; otherwise wearing a spectacle that doesn’t fit your type of refractive error damages your eyes to a greater extent than if you weren’t wearing any spectacle all together. Therefore always make sure you schedule a meeting with an optometrist and get a prescribed spectacle.


What are the Negative Implications of NOT Wearing Prescribed Eyeglasses?

1. Greater Degree of Stress on Eyes

Prescribed spectacles work as a tool to pass the right amount of light in the right way towards your cornea inside your eye which helps in eliminating blurriness and improves clarity. If vision problem is not taken seriously and you decide to NOT wear a spectacle then your cornea would have to work harder as the amount of light required is not reaching which is why many people and kids with eyesight problem are seen squinting.


Especially when you are farsighted and you don’t wear prescribed reading glasses then the consequence are frequent headaches and eye fatigue that further leads to lack of focus and peevish behavior.

2. Abnormally Develops Your Eyes

People especially children that see a substantial vision problem but do not wear prescribed spectacles will deal with many problems in later stages. One of the negative effects would be reading problem. When your eyes are not fully developed (immature), prolonged periods of blurry vision while reading results in learning and reading disabilities at later stages when your eyes becomes mature.


In worst case scenario, reading problem such as jumbled up letters and alphabets would cause discomfort for you in the long run if in short run corrective actions for your vision are not taken.


Furthermore, your eyes are misdiagnosed and so lazy eye may be developed along with headaches and fatigue. This may also affect your assessing ability too because not only is the core vision but also peripheral vision damaged which may hold you back in a lot of activities.

3. Injuries may Occur Frequently

As we have mentioned above that without spectacles your assessing ability may be damaged, which is a case of a very poor vision therefore, during sports you may not asses the objects coming your way, e.g. a cricket ball and it may hit your face; this would result in bad injuries


Peripheral vision also plays an important role in sports as it is a vision that helps you to see things on your both sides when you are looking straight. Poor peripheral vision means that your reflexes are weak therefore, any object coming your way from the left or right side may not be assessed from a distance and it may hit you leading to injuries.

What are the top sunglasses trends for 2018?

Sunglasses are always in fashion and are also the style essentials for all seasons. Both men and women admire them as they are also the symbol of fashion. We are always concerned about their styles for every new season. Finding a perfect design according to your face is really unscientific as the styles evolve so quickly and it becomes very difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Here we are giving the list of the most popular trends for the eyewear for the year 2018. These are the top styles and also the perfect choice for you if you are bored with the old ones. Choose your most favorite one from the below list and look bright and stay focused. So discover the hottest and most recent trends of the sunglasses in Pakistan with

 Embellished Shapes

Embellished shapes are great for the Spring/Summer ’18 season. The frames with embellishments like pearls, colorful gems and 3D florals etc. are very popularly used among the women and fashionable girls.


 Tinted Lenses

The tinted lenses are beautiful and colored and will make your surroundings more beautiful and colorful than usual. Wearing tinted lenses is fun as they will brighten up your outfits and give you a more fashionable look than the black lenses. You can choose from the different frames according to your face.


Cat Eye Frames

This is one of the most popular styles that are in trend in these days.   This style was also popular in the previous year and some changes in the style of cat eye glasses are expected in this year. This is the most classic, elegant and beautiful style for women glasses. Cat eye frames are of different types like large eye cat frames, extreme cat eye frames, and rectangular cat eye frames etc.


Over Sized

This trend is for both men and women and these glasses look gorgeous and glamorous. This design will take different shapes in 2018. The oversized black lenses will suitably match with both casual and fancy outfits, so no other design is better for you if you need the one that suits perfectly with your casual and formal outfits.


Flat Top

You must be wondering that is it a new trend. This style has been in trend since ages but still it is the most flattering and classic style for this season. This trend is also for both men and women. So, if you want to look fashionable while following the latest trend, flat top would be the best choice for you.


 Ski Goggles

If you like oversize glasses, you will also fall in love with the goggle frames. This sport frame is highly fashionable and is in style this year. This design is available in different colors and sizes. Choosing ski goggles is the best way to look fashionable on the streets but choose the one that suits your face.

Round shape Glasses

This trend is popular among men who want to be stylish without being too old fashioned. This style will help you rock a bit more persistent style.


These are some of the trendiest styles that you can choose in this year.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing Glasses Frames

Choosing the right frame for your glasses is really a difficult task but it also very important at the same time. Frames are very important because they enhance your appearance.


You can find the frames in different colors and materials. They also vary in price, durability, and weight. There are regular as well as designer frame brands. The regular frames are less expensive as compared to the designer frames. There are different materials of the frames. There is a great varieties of the  glasses frames and you have to consider different things when choose a frame for you. You should choose that frame that not only suits your face but it is also great in style. There are many other factors that you have to consider while choosing the frames. The choices of frames also depend on your lifestyle and prescription.

The important factors to consider include price, durability, quality, appeal.  Usually the high quality frames are expensive. Low quality frames are not durable nor are that much appealing. It is important to consult a professional before you choose any frame especially if you are a new buyer and have not purchased glasses every before.  The most important considerations for choosing the glasses frames include the shape of your face, your skin complexion, your lifestyle, etc.


The selection of the frames should be based on the personal feature of the person, the shape of the face and color of the skin. You should choose that frame that gives you a comfortable feeling and you feel comfortable in it.


You can visit your optician and talk to him about your lifestyle and ask him about the fashion trends for choosing the right frame for you. Let’s talk on the considerations for choosing the frames in detail.


Lens Considerations

The most important thing is the prescription and the needs of the individual. If the prescription is very difficult the lenses are made in aspheric or hi-index designs and these designs consists of a much flatter curve. In this type of lens there is less thickness and the glasses slim look. The person with a strong prescription can choose this type of frames without worrying about the thickness of the lenses.


Face Shape

The shape of the face is the most important thing that you have to consider. As there are difference shapes of the face like round face, oval face, square shape, diamond shape and more so the frames must be chosen according to the shape of the face.


Style of Frames

Considering the style of the frames is very important. There are different styles like Full Frames, semi rimless frames, and rimless frames. You should check which one is suitable for you.


Materials of Frames

Frames are of different materials like plastic, metal, leather wood etc. You can choose the material that is affordable for you and looks better on your face.

Frames According To Fashion

The fashion trends of the glasses frames change with time.  Most of people choose those frames those are in fashion.

Steps to Clean Eyeglass Lens

When you buy online glasses in Pakistan from, you get a microfiber cloth to clean your lens. There is a proper and step-by-step guide on cleaning your eyeglass frames and the lens; well most of you might be cleaning the dirt and debris off of the lens by wiping it with the microfiber cloth right away.

But why shouldn’t we just wipe off the dirt with the microfiber cloth? Here are the steps for cleaning the lens properly and it would be enough to explain why.


5 Steps for Cleaning Eyeglass Lens


Step 1: Wash Your Hands

You might not think cleaning hands matters since you don’t have to touch the lens as in the case of contacts, but it is better to have cleaned hands just in case that your hands might have dirt that may get transferred on the lens.


Your hands might transfer dirt on the cloth and then onto the lens, therefore, wash your hands with soap and dry them using the lint-free towel.


Step 2: Rinse Your Glass under Lukewarm Water

After cleaning your hands, wash your glasses with the tap water. Make sure you wash your spectacles under a gentle stream of lukewarm water; hot water may damage your eyeglass coatings (if any).


This helps in removing the dirt and debris from your lens and frame so that the chances of smudges and scratches from potential dirt accumulation are limited.


Furthermore, dirt and debris also gets accumulated in the spaces on the edges of your lens (where the frame meets) so water may remove these particles.


Step 3: Pour a Small Drop of Lotion-Free Dishwashing Liquid on Each Lens

One small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid is enough as these liquids are condensed or else applying one or two more small drops may damage any coatings on your lens. After that, use your fingers to gently rub the liquid on each lens. However, you should clean every part of your spectacle, the temples especially the part that rests behind your ears, the nose pads etc.


Step 4:  Wash and Dry Your Eyeglass

Now it is time to rinse the lens and frame under lukewarm water. Properly wash your spectacles to make sure that no trace of soap rests on the lens otherwise your lens may get smeared when it dries.


In order to dry your lens, use cotton or dish towel but while doing so they are as clean as if you have bought them today. Well, why do we say this is because any kind of dirt, oil, lotion etc. may smear your lens and you wouldn’t want that, would you?


What a waste of time, energy and resources it will be if in the end your lens looks dirtier than before, because of the smudges and smears.

Step 5: Examine Your Glasses

Now that you have done everything to clean your eyeglasses in Pakistan and make it look as a new pair, the last step is to inspect. This will enable you to find any smears or smudges that are still visible, and on spotting them you should use your original microfiber cloth to clean them off.


Even if no traces of any kind are spotted on the lens, still just gently wipe the lens with microfiber cloth so that there is a 100% chance that all the dirt and debris is removed and that the lens look as clear as crystal.

Difference Between Daily Wear, Extended Wear And Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Are you thinking about replacing your eyeglasses with contact lenses and being confused about different lens types in the market?

In this article, we will mainly guide you about three more common types – Daily Wear contact lenses, Extended Wear contact lenses and Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses.

Daily Wear Contact Lenses

Often people confuse Daily Wear contact lenses with Daily Disposable contact lenses. Both of them are different from each other.

  • Daily Disposable contact lenses are single-use contact lenses that are applied once and discarded after the use. These cannot and should not be used once removed from the eyes.
  • Daily Wear contact lenses should be removed before sleeping and can be reapplied the next day after proper disinfection and hydration. It is pertinent to note that you must remove these contact lenses before you go to sleep as it is not recommended to wear these contact lenses during sleep.

Depending upon the manufacturer, Daily Wear contact lenses can be disposed off weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. You should consult the instructions manual and your eye care practitioner to find out which replacement schedule is best suited for your eyes.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

The Extended Wear contact lenses are thinner, allowing better oxygen saturation than standard daily wear contact lenses. These contact lenses can be worn continuously for up to six nights and seven days. Some extended wear contact lenses are even approved for up to 30 days. 

The extended wear contact lenses prevent the build-up of proteins and other lens deposits that can cause inflammatory issues or discomfort for your eyes. This type of lens is made using Silicone Hydrogel technology that allows more oxygen to pass through to your cornea and let your eyes breathe. 

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

 Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses are named after the material that is used to manufacture them. They are made of silicone, oxygen, and carbon and possess a gel-type consistency. Based on the technology, there are three major types of Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses: Galyfilcon, Senofilcon, Comfilcon, and Enfilcon.

The Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses come in a variety of wearing and replacement schedules and can be daily disposable, daily wear, or extended wear solution depending upon manufacturer. 

How To Tell If Sunglasses Are Polarized?

Polarized sunglasses can help reduce the glare from bright and direct sunlight that can damage the eyes. The intense sunlight not only makes it harder to see but also deteriorates your vision. 

Several cheap polarized sunglasses brands and high-end ones are available in the market. However, you can simply make sure that you got the polarized lenses with some easy polarized sunglasses tests.

Polarized Sunglasses Test With One Pair

Do not worry if you have only one pair of sunglasses and want to check if it has polarized lenses. This simple trick can show if your sunglasses will protect your eyes against bright glares. 

Simply find a bright and reflecting source of light such as reflective metal, glass, or water surface. 

Wear your shades and directly look at that light source. Now, slowly tilt the head towards the left and right at an angle of 60 degrees. 

If the intensity of light increases, you have polarized lenses. However, if the light intensity remains the same, you have regular tinted sunglasses. 

  1. Polarized Sunglasses Test With Two Pairs

You can check if you have polarized sunglasses with this simple trick. However, you can only perform this test when you have another polarized sunglasses pair. 

All you need to do is hold one sunglasses pair next to the other one facing each other. 

Hold both pairs in front of your eyes and you can see through the two sunglasses. 

Slightly rotate your sunglasses at a right angle to the other pair. Notice if the lenses change to black that indicates polarized lenses. This shows both of your sunglasses have polarized lenses. 

  1.   Use a Digital Screen

You can also test your polarized shades via a digital screen such as an LCD screen of LED. 

Simply take your laptop, mobile, tablet, or GPS for the polarized lenses test. 

Look at the screen while wearing your sunglasses. The display will turn dim and black eventually when you tilt the head to the side. This indicates that you are wearing polarized sunglasses. 

  1.   Check the Polarized Sunglasses Sticker or Tag

Most new polarized sunglasses come with a special sticker or tag on the lenses that indicates polarization. All you need to do is to look at that sticker through the lenses and rotate at a 60 degrees angle. If the tag turns black, you have polarized sunglasses. 

  1. Test the Glare

Polarized sunglasses do not let the bright glare pass through. Hence, you can simply wear your sunglasses and notice glare reduction. If the glare vanishes and you see clearly, you have polarized sunglasses. These shades also make the view a little dim for more crisp vision. 

  1. Check Your Sunglasses Label

Some sunglasses companies now permanently etch ‘polarized’ on the sunglasses or the lenses. Look closely at your frame or lenses for this word to confirm if your lenses are polarized. 

Polarized lenses minimize the reflective glare from bright surfaces. It gets difficult to see clearly when light hits from different angles or reflects from the water surface in bright sunlight. Here, polarized sunglasses come to the rescue as they block the excessive light reflection. 

Even if you do not have polarized sunglasses, you can simply swap the lenses with polarized ones via an optician. Polarized lenses are also available in prescription or nonprescription options for everyday wear. 

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better? 

These sunglasses are immensely beneficial for people who live in bright sunny areas. Also, polarized sunglasses are essential when you’re outdoors in bright sunlight. The polarization phenomenon not only protects your eyeballs but also gives comfortable vision throughout the day. 

Many people experience migraines and headaches due to bright glares and intense reflections. Polarized sunglasses are an ideal choice for such people from day-to-day wear. Many sunglasses companies now have their polarized lenses in a range of prices.

You can get polarized sunglasses cheap brands for good quality now in Pakistan. provides polarized sunglasses and polarized lenses at an affordable price. You can get your polarized lenses in your eyeglasses or sunglasses depending on your choice. These are also available in prescription options for everyday wear. 

Our widely trusted company provides top-notch quality products at your doorstep. Moreover, our customer support is always ready to help you with your purchase and guide you through the various options. Wait no more and get your polarized sunglasses today for optimum and crisp vision.