Lens Solution

Get the best lens solutions to protect your eyes. Choose from a wide range of lens solutions to clean lens for a sharper and clearer vision. We offer the best contact lens solution price in Pakistan.

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     330 995


     320 1,550
  • BOSTON 120ML


     300 880
  • RENU

     330 1,600

Contact Lens Solution Price in Pakistan

Renu Lens Solution Rs 330 – Rs 1600

Penta Plex P2 Lens Solution Rs 320 – Rs 1400

Ultimate Plus Lens Solution Rs 300 – Rs 880

Boston Advance Lens Solution Rs 1400

Comfort Lens Solution Rs 200 – Rs 650

Solite Lens Solution Rs 200 – Rs 650


Contact lens solution retains necessary moisture in the lens and keeps them soft. Most of these lens solutions serve the purpose of lubricating and disinfecting the contact lens. 


The price of contact lens solutions in Pakistan varies depending upon the brand, quantity, and quality of the product. Ainak.pk stocks some of the best selling lens solutions available in Pakistan.


Renu Rewetting Drops introduced by Bausch and Lomb effectively lubricate the contact lenses. Also, this solution works for a variety of lenses including extended wear or silicone hydrogel lenses. The Renu Rewetting Drops come in a convenient size of 8ml available for only 750 PKR. 


Biotrue contact lens solution by Bausch and Lomb is specifically formulated for dry itchy eyes. This solution is available in different sizes of 60ml, 120ml, and 300ml in quantity. The price range varies from 330 PKR to 995 PKR depending on the volume of the lens solution. 


Penta Plex P2 contact lens solution is a high-quality product that serves several purposes. This contact lens solution is available in three different quantities of 60ml, 12oml, and 300 ml for your convenience. The price of this best contact lens solution ranges from 320 PKR to 1300 PKR depending upon the quantity.

Boston contact lens solution by Bausch and Lomb is a multipurpose solution highly suitable for hard and Gas Permeable lenses. This product costs 1,400 PKR for 120ml volume. 


Solrex Alpha contact lens solution maintains the quality of lenses with adequate moisture and softness. This lens solution comes in a convenient packaging of 160ml for only 450 PKR.


Ultimate plus is the best selling contact lens solution effective for hydrating and disinfecting the contact lenses. It is available in three different sizes of 60ml, 120ml, and 300ml. The price varies according to the quantity from 300 PKR to 880 PKR. 


Sauflon Hy Care contact lens solution comes with a convenient lens case. This affordable product is available for only 1400 PKR and comes in a 380ml volume packaging. 


Sauflon All in One Light solution offers lubrication and disinfection of lenses. This multipurpose contact lens solution is available in a 380ml packaging for 1400 PKR.


Ainak.pk also provides a convenient contact lens travel kit with cute packaging. This kit includes a container, lens solution bottle, applicator, mirror, and a lens picker. The travel-friendly contact lens travel kit is available for 300 PKR.