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Dita Sunglasses

Buy the latest models of Dita Sunglasses for men and women online in Pakistan. Our Dita Sunglasses price in Pakistan is very affordable.

Screen Size:
Base Curve:
Lenses Color:
Lense Type:
Dita Flight 006
Large (men,woman)
Rs 20,000
Dita Mach Six
Medium (men,woman)
Rs 23,000
Dita Lxn Evo
Medium (men,woman)
Rs 26,000

Here are the following Dita Sunglasses Price in Pakistan.

Aviator Dita Sunglasses Rs. 8000
Black Dita Sunglasses Rs. 10000
Cat Eye Dita Sunglasses Rs. 15000

Dita is a world-leading luxury upscale eyewear and sunglasses brand founded in 1995. This high-end brand caters to both men and women with the large-sized stylish eyewear. Fortunately, Dita sunglasses first copies are now available specifically at the leading online sunglasses store in Pakistan, Feel the finest quality and affordability with our range of these premium sunglasses crafted with perfection. These sunglasses come in a variety of designs and shapes that complement every face shape. The Dita sunglasses have an extensive range of different eyewear suitable for a variety of occasions as well.

Dita Mach Series Sunglasses
Dita offers a variety of series for men sunglasses that caters to every persona and choice. The popular Dita Mach series includes a variety of articles in different color options. Also, this series is particularly inspired by automotive racing. These sunglasses have a distinct architectural design that makes them the perfect statement accessory.

Dita Mach One sunglasses is one of the best selling articles from this series. These sunglasses are crafted perfectly for high-speed drivers and people with a love of machines. Meanwhile, the fine detailing on temples and nose pads provide a luxurious touch, and the acetate rim gives a graceful look to the frame.

Dita Mach Two Sunglasses have the most vintage and reminiscent look with the grunge toned lenses and black frame. The gradient lenses also match perfectly with the gold double nose bridge and arms. The fine signature Dita detailing makes these sunglasses one of a kind.

Dita Mach Three Sunglasses are the best selling Hollywood styles sunglasses from the brand. The timeless craft of these sunglasses gives a unique look and the finest materials provide top-notch quality. Also, these sunglasses are the perfect representation of Japanese craftsmanship.

Dita Mach Four Sunglasses feature comfortable nose pads made from the highest quality material. The black and gold combination gives grandeur and an elite look found nowhere else. The graduated lenses make these glasses the perfect accessory for every man.

Dita Mach Five Sunglasses have a bold mesh detailing on the nose bridge that gives a distinctive look to these sunglasses. The bright yellowish gold double nose bridge stands out and looks effortlessly bold. These sunglasses feature light gradient lenses and unique clamps along the rims.

Dita Mach Six Sunglasses have precise detailing on a minimalist design. The wide arm tips ensure comfort and the medium-sized frame is easy to carry all day long. Screw detailing on the arms and lenses give a signature Dita luxury vibe to the sunglasses.

Dita Mach Seven Sunglasses depict the expert artwork of the brand. These sunglasses have precise line details along with the temples and rims. The unique double brow bar of the sunglasses comes in two different shades that add a contrast to this design. The embossed logo on the nose pads and arm tips are other enhancing features of this masterpiece.

Dita Mach Eight Sunglasses feature a gold brow bar and mesh between the lenses. The distinctive forked hinge design is a particular feature of these premium sunglasses. The frames come in a variety of matte to satin finish according to your taste. The large-sized sunglasses of this series are a popular choice among men and women. The unbeatable Dita sunglasses price in Pakistan is only available at Also, the wide variety of Dita Sunglasses for men makes it easier to choose according to your style and statement.

Dita Best Selling Sunglasses
Dita Flight 006 is a bestseller of Dita Sunglasses Men's range. These medium-sized sunglasses have an iconic status with the detailed aviator frame. The thick rim pairs perfectly with the thin metal arms for an elegant look. Also, this classic shape has a touch of modernity and conveys the iconic Dita status. Dita Flight Seven is another top-selling Dita sunglasses in Pakistan. This traditional square design comes in a masculine shape inspired by military aircraft. The lightweight frame consists of precise mesh detailing on arms and thick arm tips with lining on the inner side for a perfect grip.

Dita Grandmaster Five first copy in Pakistan is now available at The high-quality oversized frame has aesthetic features enhanced by innovative manufacturing techniques. Also, the frame features intricate temples and an acetate front with the signature brow bar. The unparalleled design depicts the precision of Dita's craftsmanship as well.

Dita Midnight Special is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood with specific attention to detail. The frame crafted from the finest metal has a sleek and thin design perfect for all face shapes. The gold rim and brow bar features the signature Dita mesh design to curate an impactful frame. The gradient lenses add a touch of grace to this iconic vintage frame.

Dita Decade Two was created in celebration of the two decades of creating iconic frames that cater to a variety of needs. This classic aviator frame features some of the bestselling aspects of Dita sunglasses. Moreover, the gold mesh between the brow bar and nose bridge and distinctive gold arms signify the finest quality sunglasses crafted to perfection.

Dita Sekton Sunglasses are the perfect oversized eyeglasses to express masculinity in a unique way. The thick rims and arms are perfect for people who prefer wearing large-sized sunglasses. Also, the glossy acetate frame comes with gold detailing on arms for the iconic Dita look.

Dita Mann is another top-selling frame from the Dita Sunglasses Men's range that perfectly captures the American silhouette. This large frame is incredibly lightweight and made from the finest quality acetate. The smooth edges and elegance make these sunglasses one of a kind.

Dita Sunglasses Women's range successfully captures grace and elegance through delicate craftsmanship. Moreover, the best quality premium sunglasses for women are available on with the widest range and accessible price tag.

Dita Narcissus sunglasses perfectly depict the dedication of the Dita brand towards innovation and specifically fine design. The unique angular design is ideal for women looking for a vintage frame that makes you time travel to the 80s. Also, these sunglasses make an effortless statement with every avatar and stand out in the crowd.

Dita Showgoer is the highlight of the Dita sunglasses sale due to popular demand. The perfectly proportionate frame has a unique cat-eye design in addition to thick rims to accentuate the attention on your eyes. Additionally, this frame has precise gold detailing on the upper rims and gold studs on the temples in the classic Dita design.

Dita Sunbird features comparatively thin rims and sleek metal arms and nose bridge. The fine gold line embedded between acetate rims adds a touch of elegance to the unique design. Moreover, this lightweight frame with tinted graded lenses is perfect on your day out to make heads turn!

Dite Nightbird-One is one of its kind frames with extended lenses and a unique metal frame. The tinted lenses add a youthful look to your persona. This frame makes you look fresh and highlights your features with a beautiful and feminine color selection. Meanwhile, the sunglasses come with the finest quality rubber nose pads for comfortable wear.

Dita Magnifique has the trendy cat-eye design in an oversized frame with tinted lenses as well. The high-quality glossy material of this frame helps your personality shine through and specifically divert all attention towards your face. Also, this show-stopping frame adds the touch of luxury without going overboard.

Dita Telemaker is a chunky frame from the Dita Sunglasses women's range that comes with a classic tortoise pattern. Also, the precise cut and pointed cat-eye style rims have an angular finish with beautiful texture. These transforming sunglasses are a wardrobe essential to complete any look as well.

Dita Monthra is another sophisticated design with stunning detailing on arms leading towards the tips. This frame has unique cut rims and gradient lenses that add grace to the sunglasses. Additionally, the gold detailing on the temples signifies the fine architecture of Dita sunglasses.

Dita Erasur is a classic thick cat-eye frame with a flat front made of top quality acetate. This vintage shape is inspired specifically by the 50s and combined with a touch of modernity to add some spice to your look. Also, the classy wishbone temples in gold are like nothing else in your collection! carries the exclusive variety of Dita sunglasses for men and women. Moreover, these glasses are now accessible in Pakistan in the finest first copy so you can experience the same luxury and style. The affordable Dita sunglasses price in Pakistan is only available on our website. Also, browse through the extensive range of these premium sunglasses that take your whole look to the next level!

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