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How Do Women Look Good in Eyeglasses?

Eyeglass is merely for vision correction purpose and as compared to sunglasses, it is not seen as a fashion accessory but in this new era where fashion and style is emerging, people search for frames that make them look elegant.


When it comes to women, they really consider fashion while choosing almost anything, and just like that women select spectacles that are trendy. Eyeglass frames for women or even men are using latest fashions.


However, not only the trendy and good-looking frames enhance the look of women but there can be other factors that we will talk about.


Choosing Frames That Suits Facial Features


1. Eyebrows:


Choose frames that goes in line with your eyebrows and keep them visible because spectacles that hides your eyebrows will truly not enhance your look


If for instance, you have a hard or soft angled and well-shaped eyebrow wayfarer eyeglass or even square frames will compliment your face structure.


Small thin square or rectangular frames will best suit your straight eyebrows and will well balance your overall look.

2. Eye Color:


If you really want to amplify the color of your eye while wearing an eyeglass, use frames that go with your eye color, for example, blue frames to match with your blue eyes.


However, normally women grab frames that matches their eyebrow color, like, red for red eyebrow and so on, but it depends entirely on your taste.

3. Skin Tone:


You might not consider your skin tone while choosing the frames, but it actually helps in providing you a bold and clean-cut look.


It is easy to assess which color frame will go with your skin tone, it is simple. If you have cool tone, choose dark and bright colors such as purple, pink, black, silver, gray, dark tortoise etc.


A warm skin tone will be best complimented by light colored frames such as beige, light tortoise, brown, gold or golden yellow, deep peach etc.

4. Strong Cheekbone or Any Other Facial Feature:


Frames that favors your facial feature and highlights it rather than going against it will enhance your look, therefore grab frames which really showoff these facial features!


Matching Eyeglasses with Your Hairstyle


1. Bun Updo:


Have a bold, thick frame with wide angles? Well in such case the best way to highlight the frames and give yourself a nice and stylish look is to go with a bun updo.

2. Bob with Bangs:


Such a trendy yet formal hairstyle that makes you look cute and attractive fits perfectly with large round or cat eye frames allowing you to stand out from the audience.

3. Bangs with Wavy Hair:


For frames that are thin with having a rectangular shape or even a flat top with large bottom will really compliment this hairstyle and make you look charming.

4. Curly Hair:


A very attractive and charming hairstyle that will give you a bold and vivid statement if used with a round shaped eyeglass. Short curly hair suits best with small round frames while long curly hair looks best with large round frames.


Such hairstyle can also compliment your look if selected with a square shaped frame too.


These are just few types of hairstyles therefore next time when you visit your hairstylist grab your eyeglass with you to the salon, so that you could get a haircut and make a style that suits with your type of frame.