How to Tell if Sunglasses Are Polarized |

How To Tell If Sunglasses Are Polarized?

Polarized sunglasses can help reduce the glare from bright and direct sunlight that can damage the eyes. The intense sunlight not only makes it harder to see but also deteriorates your vision. 

Several cheap polarized sunglasses brands and high-end ones are available in the market. However, you can simply make sure that you got the polarized lenses with some easy polarized sunglasses tests.

Polarized Sunglasses Test With One Pair

Do not worry if you have only one pair of sunglasses and want to check if it has polarized lenses. This simple trick can show if your sunglasses will protect your eyes against bright glares. 

Simply find a bright and reflecting source of light such as reflective metal, glass, or water surface. 

Wear your shades and directly look at that light source. Now, slowly tilt the head towards the left and right at an angle of 60 degrees. 

If the intensity of light increases, you have polarized lenses. However, if the light intensity remains the same, you have regular tinted sunglasses. 

  1. Polarized Sunglasses Test With Two Pairs

You can check if you have polarized sunglasses with this simple trick. However, you can only perform this test when you have another polarized sunglasses pair. 

All you need to do is hold one sunglasses pair next to the other one facing each other. 

Hold both pairs in front of your eyes and you can see through the two sunglasses. 

Slightly rotate your sunglasses at a right angle to the other pair. Notice if the lenses change to black that indicates polarized lenses. This shows both of your sunglasses have polarized lenses. 

  1.   Use a Digital Screen

You can also test your polarized shades via a digital screen such as an LCD screen of LED. 

Simply take your laptop, mobile, tablet, or GPS for the polarized lenses test. 

Look at the screen while wearing your sunglasses. The display will turn dim and black eventually when you tilt the head to the side. This indicates that you are wearing polarized sunglasses. 

  1.   Check the Polarized Sunglasses Sticker or Tag

Most new polarized sunglasses come with a special sticker or tag on the lenses that indicates polarization. All you need to do is to look at that sticker through the lenses and rotate at a 60 degrees angle. If the tag turns black, you have polarized sunglasses. 

  1. Test the Glare

Polarized sunglasses do not let the bright glare pass through. Hence, you can simply wear your sunglasses and notice glare reduction. If the glare vanishes and you see clearly, you have polarized sunglasses. These shades also make the view a little dim for more crisp vision. 

  1. Check Your Sunglasses Label

Some sunglasses companies now permanently etch ‘polarized’ on the sunglasses or the lenses. Look closely at your frame or lenses for this word to confirm if your lenses are polarized. 

Polarized lenses minimize the reflective glare from bright surfaces. It gets difficult to see clearly when light hits from different angles or reflects from the water surface in bright sunlight. Here, polarized sunglasses come to the rescue as they block the excessive light reflection. 

Even if you do not have polarized sunglasses, you can simply swap the lenses with polarized ones via an optician. Polarized lenses are also available in prescription or nonprescription options for everyday wear. 

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better? 

These sunglasses are immensely beneficial for people who live in bright sunny areas. Also, polarized sunglasses are essential when you’re outdoors in bright sunlight. The polarization phenomenon not only protects your eyeballs but also gives comfortable vision throughout the day. 

Many people experience migraines and headaches due to bright glares and intense reflections. Polarized sunglasses are an ideal choice for such people from day-to-day wear. Many sunglasses companies now have their polarized lenses in a range of prices.

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