How to Test if Sunglasses Have UV Protection?  -

How to Test if Sunglasses Have UV Protection? 

Sunlight has harmful ultraviolet radiations that harm the eyes upon prolonged exposure and cause some serious diseases. All sunglasses do not protect your eyes against these harmful rays. 

Always opt for sunglasses with a UV protection label that indicates 100% UV protection sunglasses. Some people also believe that darker lenses provide greater protection to the eyes.

Dark lenses do not prevent UV rays exposure unless mentioned on the sunglasses label. Also, dark sunglasses cause pupil dilation in the eyes which causes more penetration of light rays. 

Excessive UV exposure can lead to some major eye diseases including macular degeneration, cataracts, and even cancer. 

Sometimes sunglasses brands combine the UV protection and polarization feature in the same pair of sunglasses. Polarization alone does not mean that your sunglasses will protect your eyes against the UV rays. Hence, it is advised to check the label if it has one of the features or both of them. 

UV Protection Test Method 

Sunglasses with UV protection features have a special coating on the surface that blocks the harmful radiations from the Sun. The material of the lenses or that particular coating absorbs these harmful radiations before they hit the surface of the eye. 

Eye care specialists have a specific instrument called the photometer. This instrument helps see if you have UV protection lenses in your sunglasses. This simple test takes a few seconds and most opticians can do it free of charge. 

Best Sunglasses for UV Protection 

Most sunglasses brands indicate the level of UV protection their lenses provide. Some sunglasses come with 100% UV protection sunglasses that block the UVA and UV rays of light. 

Some sunglasses also have a UV 400 protection label which indicates that these sunglasses eliminate all UV rays of up to 400 nm wavelength. Hence, always check the labels provided by trusted brands for UV protection. 

The UV protection feature of sunglasses also comes with an expiration date. Always keep the span of sunglasses in mind as expired sunglasses do not provide adequate protection. 

The UV protective coating wears off with time or regular use and does not provide as many benefits as a new pair. Replace your sunglasses or the lenses every two to three years for an effective wear. 

Why Do You Need UV Protection Sunglasses? 

Prolonged or excessive exposure to sunlight during the day can severely damage the eyes. UV radiations present in sunlight have several negative effects on the eyes. These not only deteriorate your vision but also lead to several diseases. 

What is the Difference Between UV Protection and Polarized Lenses? 

Polarized lenses generally block the glare from sunlight or a highly reflective surface. However, they do not eliminate the harmful UV rays. These lenses can only cut down the horizontal light waves that distort the vision. 

On the other hand, UV protection sunglasses have a special protective coating that prevents the penetration of UVA and UVB rays. carries the largest variety of UV protection sunglasses and lenses for daily wear. These lenses also come with a prescription option depending upon your specific needs. 

You can also get your lenses with both the UV protection and Polarization options for maximum protection. These lenses are available for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses as well. 

These UV protection sunglasses for women and men are ideal for day-to-day use in bright sunlight. They help achieve optimum vision and clarity during the day and also protect your eyes from some major eye problems. So, wait no more and get your desired pair delivered at your doorstep!

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