Progressive Lens:

    Progressive Lenses are just like Bifocal lenses with a difference that these are free from the partition line that segregate the multifocal lens. This lens is a unique piece of modern technology that enables our customers to use bifocal lens in a single formed lens.These lenses are just like bifocal lenses best fit in the frames that have a height of 30mm as we suggest our customers a 60% to 40% ratio for distance vision and near vision respectively in the lens. Now a day, it’s becoming a large trend and is in high demand by the customers. Just try this one time and you will not regret your decision.


    • No Line
    • High Definition
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Light Weight
    • Clear
    • Standard Thickness

    Price Rs. 2500
    Anti-Glare* Price Rs. 3500
    *(One Sided Coating)