Privacy Policy -

Privacy Policy

Take out a minute and read carefully how we process and protect your personal information that we collect on our website.

What Information Do We Collect When You Visit Our Website?

We collect some of your data automatically when you land on our website and store them in the form of cookies. These cookies remember your presence on the website but we cannot recognize your identity through these. However, the data collected includes information like the pages you accessed on a specific time and date, your searched questions, and some information of your device like OS version, internet protocol, hardware model, etc.

How Do We Use This Information?

This information might be shared with the third party advertising companies who display ads on our website.

What Personal Information Do We Collect When You Place An Order?

When you sign up to our website or place an order, the personal data including your full name, email address, contact number, and residential address is collected by us. This data is only used within the limits restricted to us under the laws and regulations.

How Do We Use This Information?

Signing up for the newsletter allows us to inform you about the launching of new products or sales and discounts via text messages or emails.

Apart from that, when you place an order, your information is used solely to ship your product at your place, to let you know about the updates of your parcel, or to contact you if any inconvenience occurs.