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Rules of Wearing Sunglasses

Grabbing a sunglass pair does not only mean it helps in protecting your eyes or helps in showing off your attributes and features but it also means that you should know what rules lie behind a pair of sunglass.


Here we will talk about the rules that one should know when wearing sunglasses as a means of daily accessory. The tips below will boost your image and improve your standing.


Rules of Wearing


1. Take Off While Conducting Business Meetings

Body language plays a pivotal role while communicating with people and so does eyes, as it shows sincerity if communication is done while looking at other’s eyes. It helps in building a bridge between sender and the receiver and improves the communication.


If you are conducting a business meeting while wearing shades, the communication will be distorted as receiver will focus on what the sender hides behind those sunglasses. Therefore, remove shades before any meeting and if conducting an outdoor meeting with your client find a spot that’s shady so that you could remove sunglasses and contain an effective exchange of words.


2. Properly Handle Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an integral part of your accessory and just like you care for any other kind of fashion accessory such as watch, shoes etc. They really help in giving statement and enhances the look. Shades really puts a person in the spotlight and stands him/her out of the audience.


Not only that, sunglasses are also an accessory that prevents your eyes to be directly exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays therefore, one should know how to cope with sunglasses. Eye health depends on them so provide good amount of care and put them in its specified container to keep it away from scratches.


3. Keep Sunglasses Off When Indoors

Wearing sunglasses indoors looks quite irrelevant and disrespectful unless you have any medical condition for instance, bright lights may lead to stressed eyes, or possibly eye strain. Wearing eyeglasses indoors may also be perceived as if you are hiding something.


4. Sunglasses Distorts Communication

Wearing sunglasses while talking will not mean an effective communication unless you are driving, having a walk in hot summers but otherwise an “eye-to-eye” communication is what that leads to a good conversation.


Moreover, people will not focus on what you are saying instead they’ll be thinking what might you be hiding, or what your eyes might be doing.


5. Invest in Good Sunglasses

Oftentimes people look at sunglasses merely as a luxury accessory and they end up buying cheap shades in an attempt that it suits them and nothing else, but always remember sunglasses aren’t just a luxurious fashion accessory they actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and some also filter out blue light.


Next time when you are out there and purchasing sunglasses do look for a tag that says 100% UV protected even if you have to pay little extra.


6. Use Shades According to Your Profession

Each and every kind of sunglasses reflects different statement and are worn according to your outfit. Well if you are a business man/woman and while shopping for sunglasses for men or women you should go for wayfarers.


They give a statement that “Let’s talk business” Businessmen out there, pinstripe suit and wayfarer, isn’t that a great combination!


Just like that, lounging on a beach wearing Hawaiian shirt with shorts, flip-flops and above all that you have worn round glasses; this would really enhance your look and would make you one of a kind.



You people out there go grab something that fits in all these rules, so that you can get fully benefited from the shades you are investing in.