Steps to Clean Eyeglass Lens -

Steps to Clean Eyeglass Lens

When you buy online glasses in Pakistan from, you get a microfiber cloth to clean your lens. There is a proper and step-by-step guide on cleaning your eyeglass frames and the lens; well most of you might be cleaning the dirt and debris off of the lens by wiping it with the microfiber cloth right away.

But why shouldn’t we just wipe off the dirt with the microfiber cloth? Here are the steps for cleaning the lens properly and it would be enough to explain why.


5 Steps for Cleaning Eyeglass Lens


Step 1: Wash Your Hands

You might not think cleaning hands matters since you don’t have to touch the lens as in the case of contacts, but it is better to have cleaned hands just in case that your hands might have dirt that may get transferred on the lens.


Your hands might transfer dirt on the cloth and then onto the lens, therefore, wash your hands with soap and dry them using the lint-free towel.


Step 2: Rinse Your Glass under Lukewarm Water

After cleaning your hands, wash your glasses with the tap water. Make sure you wash your spectacles under a gentle stream of lukewarm water; hot water may damage your eyeglass coatings (if any).


This helps in removing the dirt and debris from your lens and frame so that the chances of smudges and scratches from potential dirt accumulation are limited.


Furthermore, dirt and debris also gets accumulated in the spaces on the edges of your lens (where the frame meets) so water may remove these particles.


Step 3: Pour a Small Drop of Lotion-Free Dishwashing Liquid on Each Lens

One small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid is enough as these liquids are condensed or else applying one or two more small drops may damage any coatings on your lens. After that, use your fingers to gently rub the liquid on each lens. However, you should clean every part of your spectacle, the temples especially the part that rests behind your ears, the nose pads etc.


Step 4:  Wash and Dry Your Eyeglass

Now it is time to rinse the lens and frame under lukewarm water. Properly wash your spectacles to make sure that no trace of soap rests on the lens otherwise your lens may get smeared when it dries.


In order to dry your lens, use cotton or dish towel but while doing so they are as clean as if you have bought them today. Well, why do we say this is because any kind of dirt, oil, lotion etc. may smear your lens and you wouldn’t want that, would you?


What a waste of time, energy and resources it will be if in the end your lens looks dirtier than before, because of the smudges and smears.

Step 5: Examine Your Glasses

Now that you have done everything to clean your eyeglasses in Pakistan and make it look as a new pair, the last step is to inspect. This will enable you to find any smears or smudges that are still visible, and on spotting them you should use your original microfiber cloth to clean them off.


Even if no traces of any kind are spotted on the lens, still just gently wipe the lens with microfiber cloth so that there is a 100% chance that all the dirt and debris is removed and that the lens look as clear as crystal.