Struggles - Only People with Eyeglasses Understand

Struggles – Only People with Eyeglasses Understand

While eyeglasses are your best bet when it comes to improving the vision along with giving a stylish statement, almost everyone goes through struggles of wearing spectacles.


Just to remind you that contacts are sometimes preferred over spectacles due to providing more functionality and convenience, but handling them is difficult especially for kids and the maintenance cost is quite high.


Anyway, let’s talk about the struggles almost everyone with specs go through


1. Eyeglass Lens Fogging Up

One of the most common struggle spec wearers face is to have a fogged up glasses. It might happen due to stepping into a hot area through a cold one, such as; the most seen reason is, when someone gets out of a chilled car in hot summers.


Isn’t it annoying when you have to wait for few seconds before your glass lens adjusts with the weather and the fog is removed? We bet it is.


2. Restraining People From Different Activities

The most frustrating part of wearing spectacles is that it holds you back in doing number of activities, if you are much into outdoor sports you have surely gone through this struggle.


Playing sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket etc., is unsafe for spec wearers due to the consequence of getting severe injury; without spectacles it may be difficult for people to see and assess objects for the reason of blurred vision.


If you face such struggle, don’t compromise on your sports/activities and grab a pair of close-fitted or wraparound style glasses.


3. Frequent Slip-offs

During hot summers, exertion leads to excessive sweating consequently which people wearing glasses face, a more frequent nose bridge slip-offs and they try to adjust it again and again.


Some people have this habit of pushing glasses back to its initial point but for most people perceive it as an annoying experience. However, slip-offs do not always happen due to sweating but the reason maybe that the glasses have gotten old and became loose and it is the time to buy a new shinning pair.


4. Visiting Optometrist Quite Often

Although eye health is really important and to maintain it, meetings must be scheduled quite often with your eye doctor, but mostly people find it as a struggle maybe because they are busy and have to specially take out time for a visit. Well, whatever the reason might be, frequent health check-ups are highly important including your eye health otherwise poor vision and eye problems might be the consequence.


5. Regular Changes in Prescription

Prescription being changed is a common struggle faced by many people who wear glasses, maybe because they have an eye lens problem which automatically changes to a higher number after sometime or maybe it changes due to excessive use of digital devices etc.


Whatever the reason might be, scheduling a meeting with an eye doctor after every 6 months could be a nuisance for some people. Although, not everyone with spectacles is subject to regular changes in prescription, but because glass frame deforms and lens become dusty after few months, people face blurred vision meaning that it’s time to invest in new lens and frame.