Tips for Selecting the Eyeglasses Frame You Want To Wear

Tips for Selecting the Frame You Want To Wear

When it comes to choosing from a variety of eyeglasses frames, people get confused. Whether it is a prescription glasses or sunglasses. Therefore, here are some cool tips to make your worries go away.

The Frame:

Different frame built are available in the market. You can choose from a super thin side frames as wire frames that are simple and more basic. For a neat and sharp look, you can carry these frames all day, easily and happily.

You can also go chunky and bold frames that have heavy frame body. So the thicker the frame is, it will get stylish. Most sunglasses comes with the thicker frames but the legendary Aviator is the all season pocket item and a fashion need.


What color to choose? It is a big question, Colors like tan, brown, gray, or colors that match the hair color are more basic. If you are a professional individual, you will need to choose from the light colors variety.

A bright color on the other side is more stylish and it will give a bold statement to the look. Big side frames with colors like a tortoise, brown, beige, green or golden will definitely add fashionable appearance to your style.


There is no hard and fast rule that what shape is the best fit for you but the most basic advice is how comfortable are you by wearing it. A rectangular shape frame is the simplest style. It is more basic so such frames can use for all day wearing.

Frames that are more round like or square shapes are fashionable. Do not hesitate to grab frames with angles and edges, as these are the popular one these days.

Get ones that fit:

There are three simple rules to know whether the frame is the best fit or not. Firstly, the top front of the frame should not cover the eyebrows, as it will look bad if your eyebrows are see through from the lens. Second, the bottom should not be so big. If it is too large then it will set upon your cheeks and you will spend much time in adjusting the frame while you talk. The last rule is that the pupil of your eye should be in the center of the lens. It will not only help in your vision but your eye placement will come in the center of the frame.