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Types of Plastic Lens: The Best Guide

As we are all aware of the fact that technology has been emerging into the world, and by “World” we really mean “Everything!”. Just like that, even eyeglass industry has been revolutionized, giving birth to new technical kinds of lenses.


Today we will talk about the types of plastic lens and not just that, each type will be touched in detail.


There used to be a time when the only kind of plastic lens would be standard plastic lens. This lens was the most common one to be prescribed by optometrists and were of the lowest quality than what we have in the eyewear industry today.


Now plastic lenses are made with superlative types of plastic and are much more scratch and impact resistant along with being much thinner and lighter.


Let’s start with the types of plastic lenses after technical changes.


1. Polycarbonate Plastic Lens

Eyeglass lens manufacturers have developed this type of lens that provide a 100% protection from harmful UV rays of sun and as compared to conventional plastic lens, it is 10 times lighter in weight and resistant to impact.


Such lens is also called a high-performing lens because of it properties like being highly resistance to heat, giving an excellent vision clarity and being splitter proof. This lens is the best candidate for kids and for sports activities.


2. Photochromic Lens

A highly versatile material that has the ability to change its lens color between clear and dark, when indoors or in low light it is more transparent to give a clear vision, however, when being exposed to sun’s light it becomes dark and cuts glare to a high amount while giving your eye protection from UV rays as well.


3. High Index Plastic Lens

High index lens itself tells that it is for people having strong prescription which means having a refraction error of myopia (nearsightedness). Such lens is thinner and lighter than polycarbonate lens, because to give clear vision of distant objects thinner edges are much more compatible and it allows to bend light more efficiently.  High Index lens is also UV protected and helps reduce eye strain or fatigue if worn for prolonged periods.


This lens gives the wearers a really strong vision, and defines the objects to a high extent. Using an Anti-Reflective coating feature, the vision clarity would be enhanced even more especially at night.


4. Aspheric Plastic Lens

This type of lens is made up with an optical technology that allows it to be more flatter and thinner than conventional lens that are spherical in shape. The shape of this lens makes the wearer look more attractive along with correcting astigmatism, especially strong astigmatism.


5. High Definition lens

High Definition (HD) lens are the best thing since sliced bread in the eyewear industry. This digital lens provides the wearers to get a crisp and accurate measure of objects and provide the best vision possible.


Just learn about this lens something as a HD channel on a T.V, when used on eyeglasses such lens will give wearer deep details of the surrounding along with giving strong color and contrast perceptions.


HD lens are build and optimized using computer aided equipment which is why the lens is most precise for vision clarity than regular and old lens which enables the wearer to enjoy both combination of near and distance vision.