Why Shouldn’t You Put Sunglasses on Top of Your Head?

Why Shouldn’t You Put Sunglasses on Top of Your Head?

Getting caught up in so much work and you decide to swoosh your sunglasses on top of your head to save time? Well you should get rid of this habit. Many people are seen while wearing sunglasses on their head instead of their eyes, especially women.


The time when the idea of putting shades on top of your head occurs is when you are entering a grocery store, not finding a hair catcher etc.


Reasons to Not Wear Sunglasses on Your Head


1. Sunglasses are Not a hair Accessory

The purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays and cut glare where necessary if the shades are 100% UV protected. Moreover, eyelid is the most sensitive area of your eye, and sunglass helps to protect it as well.


Oftentimes, people especially women put shades on their head while they are shopping or running errand but whatever the reason is, sunglasses should be worn on eyes or the other action you could take is to fold them and put them into the specified container. There is no third option.


Just imagine instead of protecting your eyes and eyelids from the dangerous UV rays, you are utilizing pair of sunglasses for a purpose that it doesn’t provide.

2. The Shape Gets Distorted

When you keep on swooshing sunglasses on top of your head, the temples of your shades gets loose and slips off quite often. Not only that, but even the shape gets distorted quickly and the lens may get scratched or get dusty impacting your vision and the ability of sunglasses to cut the glare and block much of the UV rays will diminish.


Although buying expensive pair of your best sunglasses with having anti-scratch coating will reduce such problems to a great extent but still safety and handling of your sunglasses is necessary and eventually the shape gets distorted irrespective of how cheap or expensive the sunglasses are.


Make sure you always try putting shades in the container instead of your head when you are not using them or getting yourself busy in some work.

3. Slip-offs May Have Higher Chance

Here’s a question, does your sunglasses frame holds your hair or your hair holds your sunglasses frame? Well the reason behind this question is that whenever you try putting pair of shades on your head it will slip-off, sometimes suddenly or sometimes after a while but it will happen.


If you are not finding a hair catcher don’t look at your pair of shades as one because that is not what it does and as we have mentioned above that doing so will lead to distortion of the shape. Sometimes people, and by people we mean women, find wearing sunglasses on top of their head as a fashionable thing. When you wear sunglasses on your eyes, it enhances your look and makes a statement instead of when you wear them on your head.