4 Importance and Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses in Winters

4 Importance and Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses in Winters

The perception that stands when buying sunglasses is that it is the most important accessory for fashion; to enhance looks and appearance. Some people might even look at it as an accessory that helps eye from being damaged from the harmful UV rays.


Mostly people prefer wearing sunglasses in summers but have you wondered why spectacles are also important in winters as much in summers? or even how? Here are 4 reasons spectacles help and benefit you in winters


1. Helps in Reducing Glare

 If you are living in an area where winter brings in snow, spectacles are an essential part of your daily wear, because the rays of sunlight are reflected from snow and ice causing glare which can blunt your vision. In such case, wearing spectacles can act as a shield from the reflected glare and improve your vision, bringing clarity and less eye fatigue. Consider buying gray or black sunglass as it is the best prospect in dealing with reflected glare.


2. Renders Vision Clarity in Extreme Weather Conditions

Winter comes with extreme weather conditions such as haze, snow, fog which we also refer to as low-light conditions where it becomes really hard for your pupil to expand enough to bring in adequate amount of light, which distorts your vision.


For such reasons, yellow, blue or purple tinted sunglass lens works best as they are designed in such a way which makes them suitable for conditions mentioned above, boosting your eye’s sharpness and vision and allowing you to navigate easily through these extremely unpleasant weather conditions.


Wearing these tinted lenses is essential if you are much into sports like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding etc.


3. Protects From Harmful UV Rays

When talking about winters, many people perceive that the UV rays are not entering the earth’s surface due to cloudy atmosphere and cold but the truth is that no matter what the season is sun’s harmful UV rays are reaching earth’s surface and note that, not all UV rays becomes a problem in winters.


There are two types of UV rays; UVA and UVB, the UVA rays will reach earth irrespective of earth being rotated and tilted far away from the sun because these are long rays and they do not change in intensity according to the season therefore, such rays can damage your eyes as much as they can in summers.


The UVB rays become less intense in winters due to the reason that they are short rays, also they may hardly reach earth’s surface therefore getting a sun tan is not really a problem in winters.


In order to maximize your eyes’ safety and to protect the sensitive part of the eye skin i.e. eyelids, wear sunglasses and if you are a sports person then try wearing wraparound style spectacles.


4. Protects Your Eyes From Dryness, Dust Particles and Wind

In winters, along with your skin your eyes dry as well, the moisture is evaporated and in order to prevent that wear wraparound style sunglasses.


Winters are much windier which brings more windblown particles that may enter your eyes leading to scratches, and eye problems therefore it is best to keep your eyes safe from dust and debris by wearing sunglasses. Although close-fitting spectacles works best in protecting your eyes but even normal wayfarers or aviators may even prevent such dust particles from entering your eye to some extent.