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Acuvue Lenses

The world’s most renowned Contact Lenses producer Acuvue offers a distinctive family of Acuvue Contact Lenses in Pakistan.

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Acuvue 1 Day Moist


Rs 9,500
Acuvue 2


Rs 9,500
Acuvue Oasys


Rs 11,000

Acuvue contact lenses represented the world’s first soft disposable eye lens in 1988 when there were no other soft and comfortable disposable lenses present in the market at the best prices in Pakistan. In the past, people used to wear eyeglasses to treat their vision issues but now gone are those days. Now, Acuvue contacts provide a complete range of monthly and daily contact lenses.

Some people might think that glasses make them look less attractive or they find spectacles annoying. Athletes or people involved in vigorous activities like swimmers and cricketers often find contact lenses more convenient than eyeglasses frames. The original brand Acuvue is a prepossessing choice for them where they can find the best contact lenses. They are barely noticeable but throw a glossy effect out of your eye, making it attractive and captivating. They do not fog up with changes in temperature or from perspiration or get affected by rain. Today millions of people enjoy their day to the fullest with the support of Acuvue contact lenses available now in Pakistan. Wearing an eye lens directly to your eye might sound uncomfortable and crazy, but it’s not. The eye lens is designed to be comfortable and breathable; hence, Acuvue contact lenses are fragile, pliable, and conform to the front surface of the eye. You can buy Acuvue contact lens collections at conveniently at the best prices in Pakistan.

Acuvue walks with the upcoming technology trends, and it has many contact lenses made from different types of materials to maintain your eye health and comfort. Some are made with higher water content, and some with more oxygen breathability, you can choose the one that suits your eye health. Acuvue contact lenses can correct almost all eyesight conditions of people of all ages. offers you an online platform for shopping, where you can find the best Acuvue contact eye lenses at the most affordable price in Pakistan. We have a vast power range so that you can easily buy your prescribed contact lens online for your eyes. Our vision is to ensure that we provide our customers with the best online shopping experience and customer satisfaction. Here at, we always passionately pursue new technologies and try to maintain the highest quality standards. We have an extensive collection of Acuvue contact lenses in our stock that includes Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue 1 Day Moist, and Acuvue 2.

Acuvue Oasys:

The Acuvue Oasys are two-week disposable contact lenses made from high-quality silicone hydrogel material that allows the eye to breathe by providing 98% oxygen to the open eye. These contact lenses can improve your ability to focus and temporarily reduce poor distance vision.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist:

Acuvue 1 Day Moist are daily disposable lenses that can be customized to match your eye’s power. These contact lenses come with the convenience of disposing of it after usage. You don’t need to take care of it or keep them safe and moist for further use. These best contact lenses will stay steadily in place all day and will not move a bit regardless of your movements, allowing people to do daily activities without any hassle.

Acuvue 2:

Acuvue 2 are excellent 2-week disposable contact lenses that provide you with an unobstructed central field of vision, less distortion, and peripheral vision. These contact lenses are moist and hydrated because of their making with 42% of water content and 58% of etafilcon A material. These breathable contact lenses even provide UV protection against sunlight and protect your eyes from many eye diseases.

You can now order any of your desired contact lenses from Acuvue from with a full guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Choose your power range and order now to start living your life with complete comfort and confidence.

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