Progressive Lenses

    Progressive Lens:

    Progressive Lenses are just like Bifocal lenses with a difference that these are free from the partition line that segregate the multifocal lens. This lens is a unique piece of modern technology that enables our customers to use bifocal lens in a single formed lens.These lenses are just like bifocal lenses best fit in the frames that have a height of 30mm as we suggest our customers a 60% to 40% ratio for distance vision and near vision respectively in the lens. Now a day, it’s becoming a large trend and is in high demand by the customers. Just try this one time and you will not regret your decision.

    Extraordinary Features


    No Line


    High Definition


    Green Coating in Anti-Glare

    Light Weight


    Standard Thickness

    Progressive (No line in lens): Rs 2500

    Progressive(Anti glare spherical) :Rs 3000

    Progressive Anti glare(Cylinder No.) Rs 4500

    Transition anti glare progressive:Rs 6000

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