Progressive Lenses

Order Progressive Lenses Online in Pakistan

Progressive Lenses are just like Bifocal lenses with the difference that these are free from the partition line that segregates the multifocal lens. This lens is a unique piece of modern technology that enables our customers to use the bifocal lens in a single formed lens. These lenses are just like bifocal lenses best fit in the frames that have a height of 30mm as we suggest our customers a 60% to 40% ratio for distance vision and near vision respectively in the lens. Now a day, it’s becoming a large trend and is in high demand by the customers. Just try this one time and you will not regret your decision.

Extraordinary Features

No Line

High Definition

Green Coating in Anti-Glare

Light Weight Clear

Standard Thickness

Progressive (No line in lens): Rs 2500

Progressive(Anti glare spherical) :Rs 3000

Progressive Anti glare(Cylinder No.) Rs 4500

Transition anti glare progressive:Rs 6000

Progressive (No-line in the lens)

Progressive lenses come with more than one prescription with no distinct line between them. The prescriptions are diffused through a thin area to give a seamless finish to the lenses. These lenses ensure clear vision and high definition visibility with high-quality material and scratch-resistant features. The lightweight material of these lenses ensures the day to night time wear comfortably. Progressive lenses enhance the look of your eyeglasses without a distinct partition between the near and distance prescriptions. Get these progressive lenses for your desired eyeglasses from for 2,500 PKR. 

Progressive (Spherical Number) Anti-Glare

These progressive lenses come without a distinct line between the near vision and distance vision prescription. Specific for spherical numbers, these lenses have a specific coating to prevent glare from the front and behind the lenses. These lightweight lenses provide clear visibility and high definition vision for reading or day-to-day tasks. The standard thickness of these lenses and scratch-resistant aspects make them highly desirable for people with two different prescriptions. Get your prescription progressive lenses for spherical numbers from at an affordable price of 3,000 PKR.

Progressive (Cylinder Number) Anti-Glare

These progressive lenses are particular for Cylinder numbers and have a specific Anti-Glare feature to minimize bright light. The green coating reflects glare and harmful rays to prevent eye strain and headaches. These anti-glare lenses are perfect for nighttime wear for driving and during the day as well. High definition visibility features of these lenses and scratch-resistant aspects make them suitable for everyday wear. These lenses have no distinct line between the prescriptions which makes them look like single lenses. Get these Progressive lenses with Anti-Glare features for your prescription eyeglasses from for 4,500 PKR.

Transition Anti-Glare Progressive

Transition lenses are light intelligent and can shift colors depending on the intensity of light. These lenses turn dark when you are outdoors and give the same effect as conventional sunglasses. However, they turn clear again when indoors and look like transparent lenses. These progressive lenses come without a distinct line between upper and lower prescriptions. This makes these lenses look attractive and seamless. Anti-Glare feature of these lenses helps reflect bright sunlight and protect your eyes from direct bright light. The green coating on these lenses makes them suitable for day to night time wear. These high definition and lightweight lenses are ideal for every condition. Available in two classic color options, Grey and Brown at for 6,000 PKR.

Free Form Anti-Glare Progressive

Freeform lenses provide a crisp and clear vision with groundbreaking lenses technology. These lenses are customized specifically for every prescription for an exceptional experience. The digitally personalized aspect of these lenses enables the user to get perfect vision by modifying the frame fitting position. These lenses are ideal for night time wear as they reflect radiance and glare from headlights. Freeform lenses also enhance the color vision for foolproof visibility. These progressive lenses are suitable for multiple prescriptions and have a wide corridor for your near distance prescription. Lighter and more comfortable than conventional lenses, these free-form progressive lenses will transform your eyeglasses experience. Feel free to contact our customer support for any queries about your prescription. Get these progressive lenses from for 6,000 PKR.

Free Form Anti-Glare Transition Progressive

Get the ultimate vision and high definition visibility with free form transition progressive lenses and added Anti-Glare feature. These lenses have all the excellent aspects to provide you the first-class experience with its multitude of features. The transition lenses can shift colors depending upon the intensity of light. It provides the quality of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses at the same time. These lenses turn dark outdoors and white indoors. Also, the free form feature provides high definition and clear vision with a wide corridor for near-vision or reading. These progressive lenses have no distinct line between your prescriptions for a sleek and seamless finish. The multi-layered green coating helps reflect bright light and enhance your vision while driving, using a computer, or being out in the Sun all day! Get these prescription lenses for your eyeglasses from for 8,000 PKR.