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Raise the bar of your style statement with our trendy online sunglasses for men in Pakistan. Select from a wide range of men’s designer sunglasses. Enjoy outdoors and stay in the game with our cooling shades!

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REALITY  (Large) - Unisex

Rs 1500


IMPRESSION 571  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 1800


LV 5501  (Medium) - Women

Rs 1800


CARTIER 243  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


CARTIER 244  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


BALMAIN 260  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN RB2197  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


RAYBAN RB2190  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


RAYBAN RB880  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


TOM FORD TF833  (Large) - Unisex

Rs 7000


TOM FORD TF58  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


TOM FORD TF001  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


TOM FORD TF659  (Large) - Unisex

Rs 7000


TOM FORD TF0751  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 7000


RAY BAN WAYFARER  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 6500


RAYBAN 4748  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN 5352  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN 5345  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN 5332  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN 5305  (Medium) - Men

Rs 4000


RAYBAN 5348  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 3500


RAYBAN 4733  (Large) - Men

Rs 3500


PERSOL 3001S  (Medium) - Unisex

Rs 10000


RAYBAN 5308  (Medium) - Men

Rs 4000

Buy Stylish Men Sunglasses in Pakistan

Since the 18 century, sunglasses have been worn by men to promote better vision and support their class. In the early 20th century, they were also known as sun cheaters because as we all know they protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. offers you plenty of designer brands from where you can wisely choose your eyeglasses frame online. We have Rayban, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Bvlgari, Burberry, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Versace, Lacoste, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Oakley, Police, Chanel, Tiffany, Fendi and a lot of more top brands of sunglasses for men online. At we have the latest best sunglasses for men with endless options for you to block the sun and express yourself at the same time. First copies of Designer sunglasses in round, square, rectangle, wayfarer, aviator, oval, semi-rectangle, and all other shapes in all sizes are available at reasonable prices. We believe in high customer satisfaction and comfort of the wearers, that’s why we made it our basic rule to use premium quality durable materials for our sunglasses. We have several materials in sunglasses ranging from metal, acetate, TR material, lightweight TR material, plastic, and many others. These are strong and tough materials that are less likely to break or shatter and injure your eyes. We also make prescribed sunglasses for our customers to provide them better visual sight.

Get Affordable Sunglasses for Men

Looking for the kind of sunglasses that will protect your eyes and also add an excellent style to your outfit? You’re in the right place. Here at, you can find the most marvelous designs and styles of men’s sunglasses online at the most affordable prices in Pakistan. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from so many things you can think of, penetrating clouds of harmful Uv rays coming from the sun, dust, and dirt to attack directly into your eyes in extreme weather conditions, and from a vision filled with a glare. We have polarized sunglasses at the best price in Pakistan, which will protect you against the sun and reduce glare while driving or performing outdoor activities. You can now transform any of your favorite sunglasses from your favorite brand into polarized sunglasses. We cut the glare while providing superior color contrast so that you can enjoy the best visual sight with true colors of nature with the infused polarized lenses. Moreover, Sunglasses can help you take away your eye fatigue, they serve as a shield for your eyes from Uv rays and other stuff that affects your eyes resulting in feeling doozy or tired eyes. You can have healthier and fresher eyes with the support of sunglasses, while you undergo a tough day in the sun.  Apart from the health benefits, let’s just admit that men who wear sunglasses apparently carry extra class and style with them. Wearing the perfect pair of shades can add confidence in your personality, it’s just like adding a necessary dose of “awesomeness” to your style. When you look better you feel better which promotes self-confidence and enthusiasm.  Choosing the right color of sunglasses for you may be difficult, you can look for colors that coordinate with your day to day routines or you can buy sunglasses for special occasions. We can guide you to choose the best sunglasses for you.

  • For office workers,  brown, or grey-tinted Armani sunglasses would be a fine fit for you, these colors distort color perception the least.
  • For athletes or sporty people, bright tints like yellow and light blue Tom Ford sunglasses will do the job because they work well in low light, reduce haze, and increase contrast for a sharper image.
  • For a person who likes having fun in the sun, go for vivid hues tints like a dark tortoise and wine-colored Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Buy sunglasses of your type online at the best prices in Pakistan.

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