Bella Contact Lenses in Pakistan

Glam up your personality with Bella colored contact lenses now available in Pakistan. Bella contact lenses are the most trending contact lenses around the world.

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Bella Contact Lenses

Get the Most Economical Bella Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

Bella contact lenses are the talk of the town these days. These lenses give depth to your eyes and give a whole new look.  Bella lenses have gained immense popularity over the years in Pakistan due to affordability and premium quality. aims to provide the most economical prices of international contact lenses brands to the local market. Therefore, we stock all the Bella lens collections for our prized customers. 


So, buy your Bella contact lenses at, the No.1 eye-wear store in Pakistan. We are serving the eye care industry for over a decade and started our online operations back in 2016. We are also amongst the top online supplier of contact lenses, eye care products and lens solutions.


Bella Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

The price of Bella lenses varies among different contact lens collections of different styles and colors. Bella lenses price starts from 2650 PKR and goes up to 3950 PKR. 


Bella One day Collection Rs 1200 – Rs 2850

Bella Natural Collection Lenses Rs 2650

Bella Highlight Collection Lenses Rs 2650

Bella Diamond Collection Lenses Rs 3180

Bella Glow Collection Lenses Rs 3460

Bella Elite Collection Lenses Rs 3950


These are amongst the most-trending colored contact lenses in Pakistan. Bella contact lenses are available in 1-day wear and 3 months daily wear.


Ainak. pk not only stocks all the Bella lens shades but daily wear contact lenses are also available. Bella contact lenses offer a wide collection and come in 12 different colors. You also get a variety of color options to choose from. You can choose subtle hues of hazel, soft blue and honey, or go for a bold look with emerald green, turquoise, or bright blue colored lenses. Consider browsing through the website to easily get access to all the popular collections of Bella lenses and the top-selling shades from the brand. Also, the Bella lens shade card will help you guide through your purchase.


What are Bella Colored Contact Lenses?

Bella Contact lenses launched back in 2008 and became one of the best selling colored and transparent contact lenses worldwide. This brand features the latest technology and accommodates innovation in all of its products. 

Bella lenses are manufactured from specialized breathable materials that ensure the health of your eyes. They allow a significant amount of oxygen to the eyes to maintain a healthy flow. This breathability prevents any blurry vision and strain on the eyes. 

Secondly, Bella contact lenses ensure clear and crisp vision throughout the day. These lenses particularly focus on enhanced vision and a premium experience. Therefore, the Bella eye lens also comes with a UV blocking feature. This prevents the harmful UV rays from reaching the eye surface. Thus, these lenses essentially perform the function of sunglasses by protecting the eyes. 

Customers always experience a luxury feeling with the best selling Bella contact lens. The soft material of lenses stays comfortable in the eyes all day. These features make these lenses a customer favorite and the first choice for contact lenses. 

Bella color contact lens block 40-60% of the UV radiations before they reach the eyes. This ensures the safety of the eyes and maintains crisp vision. Moreover, these lenses have moisture infused within the material which prevents drying out over time. The polymacon material of Bella contacts is a highly durable substance that sustains for a long period. Hence, Bella lenses always last until their expiration date without breaking apart.


Bella Eye Lenses Color Review

Bella One Day Collection 

The highly popular and affordable Bella one day color contact lenses are available in five best selling and unique shades. The gorgeous natural colors look beautiful on every complexion and cater to a huge variety of skin tones. 

Bella one day color contact lenses price is only 1,200 PKR on 


Bella Natural Collection 

This Bella collection features dramatic and daring contact lens shades of 9 vibrant tones. These unique dual-tone colors make an impact with the bold print on the surface of the lens. Also, the limbal ring in a contrasting shade adds an extra effect. 


Bella Natural Green Yellow

The green-yellow Bella lenses feature a unique pupil space surrounded by a unique pattern throughout the surface. This best selling contact lens shade comes in a unique blend of green and yellow shades. Also, these lenses feature subtle brown and gold tones that brighten every complexion. 


Bella Natural Gray 

The natural tones of these lenses make an impact with the light hazel specks that give a softer look. Hazel tones mix up with the cool gray shade to give a unique outcome in the Bella Gray lens. Also, these lenses look sophisticated and suit every skin tone equally.


Bella Natural Hazel 

These lenses should be your first choice when you want to go for a safer option without looking bold. These hazel Bella lenses come in a monotone brown shade with a prominent pupil hole. Bella Hazel lenses are ideal for daily wear and go perfectly well with every look. However, the rich brown tones make a statement and always stand out!


Bella Natural Cool Gray 

The Bella Cool Gray lenses come with an intense pigment of gray blended with brown tones. The starburst print in brown looks magnificent on the surface. Also, the pupil hole gives a natural look to this unique color. These lenses are equally suitable for daytime or nightwear to amplify your whole look. 

You can easily buy the top-selling Bella Natural Collection in Pakistan for 2650 PKR only on 


Bella Allure Blonde 

The Allure Blonde Bella lenses give a natural look with an intensely pigmented shade. These lenses use a hazel tone in combination with a dark brown limbal ring for a doe-eyed look of enlarged eyes. Brown contact lenses are no longer boring with this best selling Bella lens shade. 


Bella Diamond Collection 

This enchanting collection takes inspiration from real diamonds to give a luxurious look. These lenses enhance the shape of your eyes and brighten your face. The diamond collection from Bella comes in seven shades that add a sparkle to your eyes. 


Bella Diamond Brown Shadow 

The Bella brown lenses give you the freedom to wear colored contact lenses without going overboard. This safe option looks fabulous on everyone and gives a soft, natural look. The best seller brown shade from the Diamond Bella collection looks perfect every time you wear these contact lenses. 


Bella Diamond Gray Shadow 

The Gray Shadow Bella lenses feature metallic tones that will surely draw all attention towards your eyes. The light blend of blue and grey tones gives a unique impact that still looks natural. Also, this vibrant shade will make your eyes appear brighter and bolder while providing ultimate comfort. 


Bella Diamond Gray Green

The best selling grey and green blend of Bella lenses feature a starburst pattern limbal ring in a dark shade. These lenses instantly provide a youthful and elegant look to your eyes. Try this fun color to upgrade any outfit without making much effort. 



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What is the difference between the Bella Lenses collection? 

Bella contact lenses come in a vast variety of collections and shades that are suitable for a huge diversity of people. This makes the Bella lenses a bestselling contact lenses brand across the globe. 


Bella Elite collection is one of the best contact lenses collections that offers natural-looking colored eye lenses. Bella Elite collection has a vast assortment of 16 different shades suitable for a variety of occasions.  Bella elite lenses are available in grey beige, lavender gray, midnight blue, sandy brown, silky green, sandy grey, silky gold, mint grey, crystal N and amber gold. All colors look stunning and give a natural look.  Some of the best sellers from the Elite collection include Bella Elite Sandy Brown, Bella Elite Sandy Gray, Bella Elite Gray Olive, and Bella Elite Mint Gray shades. This is one of the best contact lenses collection that is trending in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. To get the best Bella contact lenses price in Pakistan you can place your order at with full confidence. The Bella Elite collection price on is 3950 PKR.


Bella Glow Collection is another best selling variety of Bella eye lens. Bella glow collection is ideal for those who are looking for a defined limbal ring that enhances iris and makes eyes pop out. We offer the best bella glow contact lenses price in Pakistan. This collection comes with 9 dynamic shades that will surely get you compliments wherever you go. Bella glow contact lenses are available in husky grey green, luminous pearl, radiant brown, radiant hazelnut, lime green, navy grey, radiant grey, grey caramel and vivid blue colors. The best selling shades from the Glow Collection include Bella Glow Husky Gray Green, Bella Glow Navy Gray, Bella Glow Caramel Gray, and Bella Elite Luminous Pearl. The Bella Glow collection price on is 3460 PKR. 


Bella Highlight collection is another stunning contact lens collection that adds a spark to your personality. You can completely revamp your looks with the Bella highlight colored contact lenses collection. It is designed with UV blocking technology that protects the eyes from sunlight.  Features two shades that come with a sharp and distinct limbal ring. These lenses define the eyes and make them look more captivating. They are available in 4 shades including circle brown, circle gray, cool hazel and cool gray colors. The Bella Highlight Collection price on is 2650 PKR. 


Bella Diamond Collection includes bright yet light hues for a trendy pop of color. This collection features seven alluring colors that give an enlarging effect to your eyes. Some of the best selling shades from the Diamond Bella Collection Bella Glitter Gray, Bella Gray Green, Bella Brown Shadow, and Bella Allure Blonde. 


Why Buy Bella Contact Lenses?

Bella colored contacts are manufactured by a Korean industry. These lenses gained high popularity in the Middle East, USA, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world as well. Bella lenses are also approved by the FDA and do not cause any signs of irritation or dryness in the eyes. 


The contact lenses come in a safe and sterile solution immersed in a lens solution. These lenses also have a high water content that penetrates into the material which keeps them hydrated for a longer time. The lenses are manufactured according to the FDA standards and always safe for the eyes. 


These colored contact lenses are suitable for every party and occasion. Be it a day time occasion or a night time function, Bella lenses will always make your eyes look flawless. Also, these lenses will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. 

Bella contact lenses in Pakistan bring high quality and affordability at the same time. The enormous range of contact lens shades and unique patterns makes this brand stand apart from others. Also, Bella lenses always utilize the latest technology and design for their customers. 


Bella color contact lenses are also highly popular among many celebrities around the world. These lenses give a trendsetting yet sophisticated look. Moreover, the brand also carries a collection for every kind of vibe including subtle to bold and dramatic. 


Even though Bella colored contact lenses are completely safe for the eyes, mishandling contact lenses can cause some serious issues. Therefore, never use the lenses over the specified period and always keep them clean. Also, change the contact lens solution every time you wear contacts as it prevents buildup on the surface. 


Eyes are the most prominent feature of the face and Bella lenses make sure that your eyes always make a statement. This temporary accessory can add life to your subtle look with a glamorous effect. The brand not only provides color contacts but also gives the power lenses option for most prescriptions. Hence, you can get rid of your eyeglasses and look stunning at the same time. 


Meanwhile, strives to bring this globally acclaimed brand for the local customers at an economical price. You can get Bella Contact lenses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all other cities of Pakistan through