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Contact Lenses

Transform your look and natural eye color with our top-quality contact lenses brands. We have got top-of-the-line colorful eye lenses in our store for you. They will give a makeover to your looks and take your style and fashion to the next level. These best quality coloured lenses are safe to use from day to night for crisp vision or freshen up your looks every day. If you are on the lookout for the lowest eye lens price in Pakistan you are at the right place. Treat your eyes to the very best. We give you a clear world of your own with our contact lenses. Upgrade your eyewear wardrobe with our gorgeous eye lens and get the best eye lens price in Pakistan only on

Screen Size:
Base Curve:
Lenses Color:
Lense Type:
Optiano EX


Rs 2,800
Optiano 55


Rs 3,500
Freshkon Mosaic


Rs 4,000


Rs 3,800


Rs 4,000
Avaira Vitality


Rs 4,350
Freshlook Lenses


Rs 5,500
Freshlook Oneday


Rs 1,800
Bella Diamond Aseel


Rs 5,200
Bella Highlight


Rs 3,650
Bella Elite Lenses


Rs 5,200
Bella Glow


Rs 4,250
Dahab Platinum


Rs 3,800
Dahab Oneday


Rs 1,800
Dahab Gold Lenses


Rs 3,300
Bella Diamond


Rs 4,250
Bella Natural


Rs 3,650
Bella One Day


Rs 1,800

We offer the most affordable eye lens price in Pakistan. With our wide range of colored eye lenses and contact lenses brands, you can find almost everything on our website.

Switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses can be a difficult decision. You should take the right precautions before choosing coloured eye lenses for yourself. You can always ask our eye specialists who can guide you well. Once you switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses, you will tend to find more comfort and convenience in contact lenses as compared to the eyeglasses. With our huge collection of contact lenses, you can find all brands of contact lenses here. We offer the lowest prices as you can also compare the contact lenses price in Pakistan.

The colored contact lenses which we are offering leads the race when it comes to allure and elegance. In addition, they mimic the appearance of the iris and transform the eye color in an attractive mode. The blended lines and shapes set order according to natural looks in a striking way.

Improve your vision and have an outstanding experience of lenses by purchasing them from us as our customers’ reviews show that we are the best contact lens company in Pakistan. So always grab the fashion trends and choose our best lens for eyes. We have a remarkable variety of lenses to give you an opportunity of having eye lens color as per your personality and facial looks.

Affordable colored Contact Lens Brand in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad

We have a huge collection of quality contact lenses brands.  You can explore our list to find the best quality contact lenses brands in Pakistan. Few of the best contact lenses brands in Pakistan are, Acucve, Dilaies and Sauflon which are known as amongst the best eye lenses brand in Pakistan.

If you are looking for contact lenses colors, then you can opt for bausch and lomb Pakistan. Bausch and lomb are also known as one of the best colored contact lens company available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and across Pakistan.

If you are considering upgrading your fashion and style, our contact lenses will make your wish come true. The colorful eye lens price that we are offering is affordable as well as market competitive. You don’t need to break your bank to transform your look, just buy the best eye lenses and let your style mesmerize your friends and family. Visit us for the best contact lenses online, place an order and get them at your doorstep in no time.

Get the lenses that are most suited to your personality. They will take your style and fashion to the next level. To enjoy an outstanding experience, your eye and skin color should be considered before buying a new pair of lenses. The eye lens colour is the main factor that is responsible for reshaping your eyes.

You can have all the shades and tints of lenses by visiting our online site which is delivering high-quality lenses all over Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other big cities.

For inquiries related to contact lens price in Pakistan, please call or Whatsapp us.

Here are the following best contact lenses price in Pakistan:

Bella Diamond Collection Lenses Rs. 3480
Bella Elite Collection Lenses Rs. 4250
Bella Glow Collection Rs. 3760
Bella Highlight Collection Rs. 2850
Bella Natural Collection Rs. 2850
Dahab Gold Eye Lenses Rs. 2800
Dahab Platinum Eye Lenses Rs. 3300
Freshlook ColorBlends Eye Lenses Rs. 3000
Flexcon Lenses Rs. 4500
FreshKon Lenses Rs. 3000
Bausch and Lomb Soflens 59 Rs. 2500
Bausch and Lomb Ultra Rs. 4200
Acuvue 1 Day Moist Rs. 5800
Acuvue Oasys Lenses Rs. 7000

Colorful Eye lens range from colored lenses with a prescription or colored contact lenses with or without a prescription option. The price of lenses depends on the quality of the eye lens and the prescription. The price of eye lens in Pakistan ranges from 2000 PKR to 6000 PKR on average for cosmetic lenses and prescription lenses. Contact lenses make your everyday life easier and more convenient by getting rid of eyeglasses. Hence, it is always a good idea to invest in good quality contact lenses.

Eyes are a vital organ of the body and need special care and protection. Always opt for high-quality contact lenses to save your eyes from injury. Colorful Eye lens cost varies depending on various factors including the brand of contact lenses, your prescription, and the replacement duration of your lenses. Colored contact lenses used for cosmetic purposes cost less while prescription lenses cost slightly more. There is a wide variety of contact lenses available in the market catered to your budget. You can find the most affordable women eye lens price in Pakistan on our website without compromising the quality.

The quality and technology of contact lenses improved immensely over the past few years. There are several companies available in the market that provide the best eye lenses brand in Pakistan at an affordable price. Some of the high-quality eye lenses brands include:

  • Bella contact lenses
  • Acuvue contact lenses
  • Dahab contact lenses
  • Bausch and Lomb

These best contact lenses brand come in a convenient price range and high performance. The wide variety of natural and vibrant colors comes in prescription and non-prescription options. This extensive range offers colored contact lenses suitable for Asian skin tones.

Contact lenses are made from high-quality breathable material that let oxygen pass through them. Hence, the iris receives enough oxygenation for clear and crisp vision. However, all contact lenses come with a safe duration. This duration varies from different contact lenses brands and the wear time. Contact lenses are usually safe for everyday wear. The user must not wear the lenses beyond the specified period or it can cause irritation or infections. Otherwise, contact lenses are completely safe to wear from day-to-day and even more convenient than regular spectacles.

There are following top quality and best lenses brands:

  • Bella Contact Lenses
  • Bausch and Lomb Lenses
  • Coopervision Biomedics
  • Acuvue Lenses
  • Freshlook

The best brand of contacts makes high-quality lenses with a variety of tones suitable for different people. Acuvue is the top-selling brand of contact lenses in the market right now. Also, several specialists recommend using this contact lenses brand. Bella contact lenses is also one of the best brands of contacts in the market right now. The variety of color options and comfortable wear makes this brand a customer favorite. Bausch + Lomb also offers the best quality contact lenses and sells worldwide.

Here is a step by step guide of how you do you wear contact lenses safely:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure they are dry.
  2. Take your contact lens on your ring finger.
  3. Look straight into the mirror and place your lens near your eyeball.
  4. Slightly move your eyes until the lens fits perfectly on your eyeball.
  5. Do not scratch or rub your eyes while wearing contacts.
  6. Always store your contact lenses in a sterile lens solution.
  7. Clean your lenses thoroughly with lens solution before inserting them in your eye.

Colorful eye lens have side effects when you use expired colored lenses or over the recommended duration. Also, using poor quality and cheap contact lenses can cause some adverse effects on your eyes. Sometimes, wearing an eye lens can lead to an eye infection or injury. This usually occurs when you wear these lenses for an extended period (more than the mentioned time) or sleep without removing your lenses. In rare cases, contact lenses are also known to lead to blindness. However, colored eye lenses are safe to wear every day if the user does not show any negligence and follows hygienic practices.

We have an extensive collection and variety of lens colors in our store for you. The contact lenses price is always in your range and does not make you break your bank. Whether you wear the contacts for medical uses or fashion purposes, they will polish your style and personality. So, you should not wait anymore and place an order for yourself lest the stock ends.

Markets are flooded with the different shapes, shades and varieties of contact lenses. But it is challenging to single out one that matches your facial shape and tone. First of all, know your skin tone and then visit our website where you can track down the treasures of lenses.

We have got the best contact lenses brand in Pakistan to meet your standards of fashion and style. Our eye contact lenses are made according to global standards of design and prescriptions. These contact lenses work up to hours allowing maximum passage of oxygen and moisture to provide you with immense comfort.

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