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6 Things to Consider When Using Contact Lens

Contact lens is sometimes given priority when it comes to choosing between spectacles because of the reason that contacts gives more vision functionality, it boosts peripheral vision too. Moreover, specs hinder people from indulging in sports activities whereas, wearing contacts can be a safer option.


These are few of the many reasons why contacts are the first option coming in people’s mind. However, coping with contacts is therefore not a really easy task, responsibility becomes greater and hygienic factors should well be considered.


Now let’s talk about the things you should always consider when using contact lens, irrespective of whether these are best contact lenses or not.


1. Wash Your Hands Before Handling Contacts

Hands are the very first transmitters of bacteria to your contacts therefore rinse your hands with anti-bacterial soap before you are putting lens back on or taking it off from your eyes. It is recommended that you use lint-free towels to soak your hands.


2. Clean Your Lens Daily

It is however a really important factor for a contact wearer, cleaning your lens daily is a must! Contacts easily catch debris, dirt, protein and not only that, bacteria can also accumulate therefore daily clean contacts using disinfectants to remove debris, dirt, protein, bacteria etc.


3. Avoid Using the Same Solution for Prolonged Periods

Using the same solution again that you once used for cleaning your contacts may be a dangerous option as the bacteria would proliferate on the surface of lens and putting it in your eyes may lead to dangerous bacterial infection.


4. Rinse Your Container Quite Often

The container should be cleaned once every week with anti-bacterial soap and make sure you dry out the compartments for the reason that bacteria may rest in as it loves moisture. Moreover, the solution poured for previous use should be changed with a new one every day.


Many optometrists suggest that contacts should be stored in an unopened case for up to 30 days and not more than that but only if you use bio-true multi-purpose solution because it helps to keep lens sterile, cleans debris, dirt and protein accumulations as compared to saline solution.


5. Prevent Over wearing of Contact Lens

You should really be concerned about the time before you should take off your contacts and allow your eyes to rest and absorb oxygen otherwise, soft contact lenses if worn for too long, may result in swollen eyes leading to irritation and much more chances of bacterial infections.


If you have to wear contacts for prolonged periods then try using extended wear soft contact lens which can be worn for up to 30 days as it transmits oxygen 5 times more and doesn’t allow your eyes to swell. However, always schedule a meeting with your eye doctor and ask for their prescription.


6. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

It is really harmful to rub your eyes while you have contacts on; however rubbing your eye even if you aren’t wearing contacts is not encouraged either.


When you rub your eyes due to irritation, it may get even worse and your eyes may get red and itchy even further. The best way is to use eye drops and get rid of irritation and itches.


Moreover, the possible disadvantage behind rubbing the eyes when contacts are worn or not is that your cornea changes from round shape to cone like shape i.e. pointed which causes blurriness and may lead to corneal transplant.