Anti Glare Glasses

Antiglare glasses have special lenses with a thin coating on their surface. This coating blocks the light reflections and helps you see clearly. In addition, it prevents the glares from any source of bright light, such as digital screens. Hence, you can buy anti glare glasses for computer use.

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What are anti reflective coating glasses?

The anti-reflective coating cuts any reflection and allows maximum light to pass from the lenses. Since this coating is invisible, it makes your eyes more prominent and glasses more stylish.

Anti-Reflective Glasses Benefits:

Work as driving night vision glasses as they reduce the sharp glare of light.

Improve vision by allowing more light to pass through the lenses.

Make your eyes more visible and help you look good in pictures.

Anti glare coating protects the lenses from scratches or smudges.

Anti Glare Glasses Price in Pakistan

Anti reflective coating eyeglasses are available on our website at a reasonable price. You can get the anti-glare lenses in any frame of your choice and enjoy clear vision. These glasses are available for fast delivery in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and all over Pakistan.

Basic Anti-Glare Lens Clear Anti-Glare Lens Premium Anti-Glare Lens
Easy Clean
UV Protection
Anti Smudge
Dust Repellent
Water Resistant
Price range
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GUCCI 1939  (Medium)

Rs 1800


MONT BLANC 380  (Medium)

Rs 2600


6421  (Medium)

Rs 2500


DnG 10065  (Medium)

Rs 2500


DITA 7000  (Large)

Rs 2600


ZARI 004  (Medium)

Rs 1500


ZARI 002  (Large)

Rs 1500


POLICE 8094  (Small)

Rs 1400


GUCCI 8089  (Medium)

Rs 1100


8799  (Large)

Rs 1200


PORSCHE 9086  (Small)

Rs 1200


FILA 003  (Medium)

Rs 900



Rs 4000


Anti glare lenses come at a slightly higher price than ordinary lenses. However, the coating on these lenses increases their life as it protects them against scratches. It also enhances your vision and prevents annoying light reflections. Overall, these reflective glasses are worth it as their benefits overcome the price tag.

These night driving glasses have a special coating that cuts down the sharp light from other vehicles. Also, it allows more light to pass through these lenses. In this way, you can see clearly even at night and drive safely. Some of the best anti glare night driving glasses are available on our website at reasonable rates.

Even though anti-glare lenses rarely get any scratches, rough handling and consistent use can wear out the lens. However, you can remove the scratches easily in the following ways:

  • An etching cream removes any scratches from the surface of plastic lenses.
  • Gently rub the lens surface with carnauba wax using a paper towel or cloth.

It is better to get a new pair of lenses since these methods can damage the anti-glare coating.

Both anti glare, blue light coatings can block the sharp reflection of light. However, the blue light blocking glasses have additional benefits as they block the blue light as well. On the contrary, anti-glare glasses do not block the blue light and only eliminate the glare.

You can find out if your glasses have anti-glare properties by a simple test. Follow these steps to find out if your eyeglasses have a coating or not:

  • Hold the glasses at an angle to the source of light.
  • As the light hits the lens surface, it will reflect in a different color.
  • If the color of light changes on the lenses, it means that they have an anti-glare coating.