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Some people need two different prescriptions to see clearly at a distance and from near as well. Fortunately, they do not have to switch between two pairs all day as they can get progressive glasses. Hence, these eyeglasses have special lenses that cater to both near and farsightedness.

How Does Blue Light Affect Us?

Blue light can harm the eyes as it causes stress, fatigue, and soreness. These symptoms can lead to long-term damage to the eyes and may deteriorate the vision over time. Nowadays, most of us spend hours working on our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Even though most devices come with blue light filters, they do not provide adequate protection from blue light. Therefore, most people opt for blue ray glasses to protect the eyes. These screen protection glasses reflect the harmful blue-violet light rays and prevent them from reaching the eyes.

Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We offer non-prescription and prescription blue light glasses with high-quality lenses. These eyeglasses protect from exposure to blue-violet light to prevent damage to the eyes. Hence, you can work for hours on your laptop without worrying about eye strain. Also, these glasses make you feel comfortable so that you do not experience fatigue. That is why you can opt for our blue cut lens and premium blue cut lens for optimum protection. Now you can work all day or play video games for hours without deteriorating your vision.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Basic Blue Light Lens

Blue Light Smart Lens

Blue Light Plus Lens

Premium Blue Light Lens

Basic Blue Light Lens Blue Light Smart Lens Blue Light Plus Lens Premium Blue Light Lens
Scratch Resistant
UV Protection
Premium Anti-Reflective
Dust Repellent
Easy Clean
Blue Light Filter
Smudge Resistant
Water Repellent
Premium Water Repellent
Screen Size:

Here are the follow Blue Light Glasses price in Pakistan:

Blue Light Anti Glare Glasses Rs. 1200
Premium Blue Light Anti Glare Glasses Rs. 2000


Since blue light emits from all sources, you can wear blue light protection glasses all day long. These glasses do not harm the eyes in the long term and are suitable for people of all ages. In addition, these anti blue light eyeglasses prevent blurry vision, watering of eyes, and fatigue. Therefore, it is suitable to wear them all day or when you use your digital devices.

LED screens emit blue light that can harm the eyes when it reaches the retina. This light can deteriorate the vision over time and other symptoms as well. Therefore, it is beneficial to wear glasses with a blue cut lens for optimum protection. These lenses shield the retina so that you can look at your digital screen comfortably.

Blue filter glasses do not have any adverse effects and they do not make one feel dizzy. Hence, you can wear them all day long without worrying about side effects. Since these glasses protect the eyes, they can prevent blurry vision and headaches. In addition, they protect against the symptoms that can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression.

Most people spend eight to nine hours of the day in front of a digital screen. The side effects of this exposure include hazy vision, watery eyes, headaches, and dizziness. Therefore, you can wear blue cut glasses to prevent these symptoms and protect the eyes. So, these eyeglasses are suitable to wear all day long. We have special glasses to protect from screen.

Prolonged exposure to blue light hinders the vision and causes strain. It can also fatigue the muscles and cause stress on the eyes. Hence, it often leads to headaches and migraines. You can wear blue light blocking glasses to prevent these headaches. Also, the blue lens protects the eyes from other harmful effects of this light.

Blue light disrupts the release of melatonin hormone in the body. This hormone is responsible for the sleep cycle and helps you sleep at night. However, exposure to blue light can suppress the release of melatonin that often leads to insomnia. Therefore, it is beneficial to opt for blue cut glasses to keep your hormone levels under check.

Blue light glasses are available online in a diverse range of frames. You can buy them at a reasonable blue light glasses price in Pakistan from our website. Also, you can order from any region of Pakistan to receive the eyeglasses on your doorstep. We deliver to all cities of the country, including Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

Blue light is a harmful part of light that is emitted through the digital screens. As per the reasearch conducted by Paris Vision Institute, the blue-violet light within the 415-455nm wavelength is considered to be more harmful at the retinal level, since it can potentially lead to oxidative stress. Some more evidence confirms that the blue light can also be the cause of mascular degeneration in the later phase of life. Due to the harmful blue light, the age pigment known as “lipofuscin” accumulates in the retina at an early age; thus it speeds up the aging process in our eyes leading to different eye-related problems.

Our long and continuous contact with the digital technologies potentially leads to digital eye-strain such as headaches, sore or tired eyes, and stiff necks. Our eyes goes through a lot of wear tear while we spend most of our waking hours in front of digital devices such as mobile, laptops and tablets. Spending majority of time on these devices means that we are putting our eyes at a risk of aging faster. The HEV light emitting from our phones and tablets makes our eyes to work harder thus leading to digital eye strain.

Our Blue light blocker glasses are made to filter out the dangerous blue-violet light emitting from your digital devices. One of the premium features of anti blue light lenses is that it includes a slight magnification at the bottom of the lens that helps to make your screen time comfortable by putting less strain on your eyes. It also helps significantly in reducing the symptoms associated with digital eyestrain. Now you can protect your vision in style with our latest collection of premium glasses to block blue light.

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