Dahab Contact Lenses in Pakistan

Glam up your personality with Dahab Lenses now available in Pakistan. Dahab contact lenses have become amongst the trending contact lenses around the world. Get dahab lenses price in Pakistan, check dahab lenses shades here.




Dahab contact lenses are manufactured keeping innovation and comfort in mind. These lenses are exclusively produced under a Korean company that carefully considers all the important aspects of contact lens designs. 


Dahab lenses are a trendy yet versatile product that comes in a variety of tones, textures, and color blends. They currently have two best selling collections that cater to every skin and hair color. 


Dahab Gold Collection and Dahab Platinum Collections have colored contact lenses categorized into 3 different designs and textures. Also, they come with 29 different contact lenses shades perfect for Asian skin tones. These lenses also come in daily use and monthly use options. 


The highly fashionable and elegant style, best quality, and the highest safety standard are some of the prominent features of these colored contacts. All of the Dahab contact lenses come in convenient packaging and lenses immersed in contact lenses solution. This prevents any dehydration of lenses in the package and maintains sanitization.


Dahab lenses are highly popular in the Middle East region and gaining more popularity in Europe, the USA, and all Asian countries. The designs of these lenses come from the Dahab Lenses headquarters based in Kuwait. 


Ainak.pk sells the entire range of Dahab colored lenses at a very reasonable price range for the customers in Pakistan. We never compromise on the quality of products so always bring you the best of the best available in the market. You can easily find out your desired shade by viewing the Dahab lenses shade card available on the website. 


What are the top selling Dahab Lenses colors?

Dahab lenses in Pakistan are available in a variety of unique and versatile colors that cater to a wide range of people. However, there are some best selling Dahab lens shades that are well loved by customers across the globe. 


Dahab Hind Lenses

This unique color comes in a blend of gray tones mixed with white hues for a subtle look. Also, these lenses do not have a limbal ring which makes them easier to blend in the eye and look natural. Dahab hind contact lenses are ideal for your evening parties or daytime occasions equally.


The pure gray tones completely transform the look of your face and give you a new vibe. These lenses also give you the look of natural light colored eyes. Also, Dahab lenses work perfectly well for dark colored eyes as they have adequate pigment and high opacity. You can buy Dahab hind lenses online easily at Ainak.pk. 


Dahab Hawaii Lenses

The Hawaii Dahab shade has a superior blue tone mixed with light grey hues and a delicate limbal ring. Opulent blue shade looked particularly striking and vibrant while the grey hints give a natural touch. 


These cosmetic lenses are ideal for people who want to play with blue lenses in a safe zone. The pale grey shifts near the center add a special touch to this shade not found anywhere else. 


You can wear these lenses from day to night to complete the look and add more charm to your eyes. These high opacity lenses cover the naturally dark color of eyes with the maximum color payoff. 


Dahab Solitaire Lenses

These stunning contact lenses have exclusively silver and colored tones and a distinct starburst pattern that gives this shade a unique look. Solitaire lenses by Dahab are the most unique kind of grey lenses you will ever find in the market. Also, the grey outer ring makes a pearly grey shift on the inner side for a beautiful and remarkable grey shade. 


Do not worry about your natural eye color peeking through any light colored contacts when wearing Dahab lenses. The intense colors and high opacity always make sure that they totally cover the natural color of your eyes.  


Dahab Cat Eye Lenses

Look elegant and sophisticated in these best selling Dahab cat eye contact lenses. This unique shade features subtle hazel tones for a distinctive look of the eyes. Also, these lenses do not come with a limbal ring for an even more natural appearance. 


Cat Eye lenses by Dahab have a light hazel tone around the pupil for a natural eye color effect. This cat eyeshade made rounds on social media and all around the world due to the natural look and stunning shade. 


Dahab Tiffany Blue Lenses

Experience a rich and true blue contact lens shade in the top selling Dahab Tiffany Blue contact lenses. These lenses come with a stunning turquoise shade and no limbal ring for a delicately subtle look. The blue shade blends perfectly in your eyes and does not look superficial or too vibrant. 


Dahab lenses are suitable for any event and work beautifully for all skin tones. Also, the gorgeous blue color made these lenses a best selling Dahab product. 


Dahab Swarovski Lenses

Swarovski is one of the best selling shades of Dahab lenses colors and it comes with a beautiful mix of different gray tones. Also, the peculiar limbal ring pattern adds a special effect to these lenses. The delicate limbal ring slowly shifts into a dark grey tone towards the center of the lens. 


A gorgeous texture throughout the surface gives a special effect that adds more depth to this unique shade. Also, gray tones are suitable for any occasion and look perfect on every complexion. 


Dahab Lumiere Blue

Lumiere blue shade from the daily wear lenses collection comes with a stunning blue shade that gives a natural look. These lenses are only meant for single-use and perfect to try out your comfort zone. 


The highlights of this shade include a subtle limbal ring that fades into a silver shift gray tone towards the pupil. These lenses provide complete coverage over brown or dark colored eyes. The Dahab daily disposable lenses are a best seller due to the high quality and stunning shade range. 


Dahab Lumiere Green

Lumiere Green lenses from the Dahab Gold collection are ideal for those people who want to play it safe with a green shade. These lenses have a unique emerald tint and a starburst pattern including a thin limbal ring. 


The subtle limbal ring slowly shows a viridescence towards the center that gives a more natural look to this shade. This best selling green shade from the Dahab lenses range won the hearts of millions of individuals around the world. 


Dahab Lumiere Grey

Lumiere Grey is one of the most elegant gray shades available in the colored contact lenses range. This exclusive shade pairs a stunning starburst pattern with a thick limbal ring. The dark grey ring slowly fades into a light grey tone to give a natural look. 


These high opacity fashionable lenses will completely cover your eyes and instantly transform your eyes. These stunning contact lenses are perfect to use for half a year without any issues. 

Dahab contact lenses are premium quality colored contact lenses available in an extensive shade range. These originally imported lenses are available at the lowest price only on Ainak.pk. 


Both of the collections come with top selling contact lenses shades all over the world. Dahab lenses definitely deserve the hype surrounding them due to the affordable price and the finest quality. 


These lenses are made from high quality polymacon material that gives an extremely soft feel to the lenses. This also helps to prevent any stinging or irritation in the eyes due to harsh materials. Also, the high hydration content of these contact lenses makes them suitable for daily wear for up to eight hours. 


Dahab lenses come in a variety of replacement schedules depending upon your choice. They offer daily and half yearly replaceable contact lenses in a variety of beautiful shades. 


What precautions do I need with Dahab Contact Lenses?

Dahab lenses come in safe and convenient packaging ready for you to use. However, you should always take special care of your contact lenses as they stay in your eyes for a long period. Also, carelessness with contact lenses can cause major injuries and infections. 


1- Always make sure that your contact lenses are intact and well hydrated. 


2- Properly check the seal before using your contact lenses. 


3- Wash your hands with soap and dry them properly before touching contact lenses. 


4-Rinse your lenses with a few drops of contact lens solution for a few seconds to remove any debris from the surface. 


5- Do NOT sleep with Dahab contact lenses in your eyes as they are only meant for everyday use, not extended wear. 


Where do we deliver Dahab lenses in Pakistan?

Dahab lenses are available for delivery all over the country. You can easily buy your favorite contact lenses from our online shop and get them delivered to you. The Dahab lenses shade card available with every collection on the website shows the original color of the contact lenses. Hence, you can use the shade card as a guide through your purchase. 


However, you can always contact our customer support for quick assistance regarding any purchase through our website. We deal with the best contact lens brands in Pakistan and available internationally as well. 


Ainak.pk has maintained its reputation as the best online contact lens store in Pakistan over the past several years. We are determined to bring you the best quality products at the most affordable price possible.