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Green Lenses

Green-colored eyes are so unique that most people don’t have this eye color on this planet. But you don’t have to envy those people anymore! Now you have a choice to get the eye color that you want. So why not give a try to a green color lens and see how it will enhance your look. If you are based in Pakistan, you are so lucky because green lenses price in Pakistan are very reasonable!

Screen Size:
Base Curve:
Lenses Color:
Lense Type:
Bella Diamond Jade Green
Rs 5,200
Bella Elite Green Olive
Rs 5,200
Hydro Ocean Green
Rs 3,600
Freshlook Gemstone Green
Rs 5,500
Freshkon Groovy Green
Rs 3,800
Freshkon Mosaic Luscious Green
Rs 4,000
Bella Glow Lime Green
Rs 4,250
Bella Diamond Gray Green
Rs 4,250
Bella Elite Silky Green
Rs 5,200
Bella Elite Emerald Green
Rs 5,200
Bella Glow Husky Grey Green
Rs 4,250
Bella Diamond Caribbean Green
Rs 4,250
Bella Natural Green
Rs 3,650
Freshkon Gleaming Green Lenses
Rs 3,800

Have you become bored or tired with your natural eye color whether it is black/brown or whatever. Now is the time to change your look. Why not treat yourself with green-colored lenses? Wearing green lenses in Pakistan has now become a trend especially in this season. So, it is highly suggested to give them a try at least once!

As the name shows, green eye lens is of green color. However, there are two main kinds of these lenses. First one is green colored lenses which are usually used for decorative purposes or for fun only. The second type of these lenses is known as green contact lenses which are prescribed ones. Green contact lenses are used by those who have vision problems and use these lenses for visual clarity.

Yes, folks with black colored eyes can wear green lens color and they will go well with their eyes as well as their face color. However, people having dark colored or black eyes are recommended to use the colored lenses which are opaque in nature for a natural look. Besides, green-colored lenses are considered the best bet for those who have brown-colored eyes. These lenses perfectly match their eye lens and give their user an elegant and natural look.

Undeniably, green colour lens are in high demand nowadays. Want to elevate your style too and go with the flow of this trend? Try our eye catching green lenses with a variety of colors and textures according to your style. We offer best quality colored lenses with affordable prices. For our customers, we also provide free delivery all over the Pakistan e.g. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar,and so on.

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