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Hidrocor Lenses

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Base Curve:
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Hydro Honey Bee
Rs 3,600
Hydro Brilliant Blue
Rs 3,600
Hydro Sterling Gray
Rs 3,600
Hydro Pearl Gray
Rs 3,600
Hydro Ocean Green
Rs 3,600
Hydro Misty Gray
Rs 3,600
Hydro Warm Hazel
Rs 3,600
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Rs 3,600

Every day, thousands of new products are being introduced in the market having unique features that attract a wide range of customers. For the people with weak eyesight, we have seen an evolution of the products. Things started with simple spectacles and that was the trend for a large period. But as time went by, these glass spectacles were replaced by the lenses. But the things did not stop here, now we have a ton of variety in the lens segment where hidrocor lenses are leading the way. People are loving these lenses and the demand for them is increasing day by day.

What is so special about hidrocor lenses?
A basic and common lens is placed on your eye where it leaves a limbal ring around the corners. This means a small dark boundary is visible in the eyes which makes it obvious that you are wearing the lenses. But the special thing about the hidrocor lenses is that they are totally opaque and they leave no boundary around the eye. If you are planning to buy 1 tone lenses and go with the hidrocor option, it will totally cover up your eye and its opaqueness will cover the natural color of your eyes completely which is not possible with the other lenses. Another unique thing about the hidrocor lenses is that they are super lightweight. Wearing them feels like you are not wearing anything. Their effect is powerful, meaning that they can make your darker eyes look super bright without looking artificial. They give your eyes a new natural color and if you are looking to buy one tone contact lenses, hidrocor lenses are the best option out there in the market. has a wide range for you with fast delivery options.

When you search for hidrocor lenses online, you will find a lot of people concerned about the safety of this product. It is obvious that our eyes are the most delicate part of our body and no risks should be made regarding them. But if you find anything bad about the hidrocor lenses, your first choice should be ignoring it. The best thing about these lenses is that they are approved by the US FDA. Hence, the product is absolutely safe for your eyes and you do not have to worry about anything. will never sell something that can harm its valued customers. But it is always advised to visit a doctor nearby and ask his advice as some people have a curved cornea that will not keep the lens at its place and it might cause irritation for the eyes. And please, never sleep while wearing your contact lenses. It can damage your eyes.

What is the life of hidrocor lenses?
Just like everything, hidrocor lenses have their life and can last from 6 months to one year. In most cases, they last up to a year but with proper care. Without care, anything can get damaged and something like lenses is not any different. Being a delicate product, it must be handled with care and it can last up to one year without showing any signs of damage. Take care of your eye hygiene and keep the lenses clean for making them last longer.

Perks of wearing hidrocor lenses.
● Trendy: Hidrocor lenses are used by a lot of celebrities and it has become a trend. The old boring tintless lenses are being ditched and people are replacing them with the hidrocor lenses. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have promoted these lenses and she is often seen wearing them. So, why compromise on an item like that? The trend is what keeps us alive.
● Budget-friendly: The hidrocor lenses are not expensive and they are really light on the pocket. The price of hidrocor lenses in Pakistan is economical for every class of citizens and does not feel like a burden. Moreover, with the utilities it offers, the value of money is high. This has enabled people to buy multiple colors for themselves. in this regard is here to help you select the best color of your choice from its wide range of hidrocor collection. If you are planning to buy hidrocor lenses online in Pakistan, is the best choice for you.
● Enhanced clarity: Hidrocor lenses are more clear than the other lens due to the material used in it. They provide you with a crisp and clear vision with the additional benefits of a better fit, perfect tint. This makes them the best options for the 1 tone lenses. Hidrocor lenses come in a huge variety with thousands of colors and variations. But with this huge variety, there are zero compromises on the quality and the real purpose of your lens. The only thing you are getting is a clearer and crisper vision.

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