How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape? -

How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape?

From those of us who doesn’t have a scopic or 20/20 vision, they get to shake some staid statement also known as eye glasses or contact lenses. Eyeglasses comes in variant shapes, sizes, materials and most important colors, “We Love Colors”, so how can you figure out which one outfits you the finest. Although, Eyeglasses for men has got less options in colors than Eyeglasses for women.

We all know that glasses enhances the look of face, so we are here to guide you on how to select the best eyeglasses according to your face shape that will enhance your face look and won’t conceal it. So how to find out what your face shape is, “NOT A PROBLEM”. Stand in front of a clean mirror, draw the outline of your face with a highlighter and it’s done. Move back and see what your face shape is? Round, Square, Diamond, Oblong, Rectangle, Heart or Oval.
Fun part comes after when you find out the right shape.

Round-Shaped Faces− Rectangular Frames

Lets say you have soft chin line, full cheeks and forehead proportional to its width and length. This means you are Round Face Shape, so what eyeglasses you looking for that will add definition to your adorable face. Look for glasses that have rectangular frames or strong angular shape will definitely rock your world. Try to avoid circle frames, as they will put a grimy look to your face.

Square-Shaped Faces− Soft and Round Frames

If your face has a strong jaw with broad forehead in proportion to length and width, then you are definitely a square, not with your personality but with your face shape. Have confidence, you got highly fashionable Square Face Shape. A face shape like yours requires eyeglasses or eyeglasses frames that are softer on the edges and round. Sitting high on your nose will elongate the face shape. Stay away from overly boxy narrow kind of eyeglasses frame.

Diamond-Shaped Faces− Cat eye and Oval Frames

Narrow forehead with narrow jaw line, similar to a precious stone icon, you are unquestionably the Diamond Face Shape. You can play up with your features with the most demandable cat eye and oval shapes eyeglasses frames. Your cheekbones will be more emphasized by it. Stop your hands for boxy straight-across frames, as these will accentuate the cheeks width.

Oblong-Shaped Faces− Wide and Oversized Frames

If you had a longer face than the wide part of your face, it means you are Oblong Face Shape. You must try oversized eyeglasses, which is wider and large to your face. Look for the eyeglasses shapes that are round having a depth in it. On avoiding side, too small or short eyeglasses frames are a big no to you.

Rectangular-Shaped Faces− Curvy or Oval Frames

What if your jaw line is strong however instead of wide face it is longer? Don’t panic! You have a Rectangle Face Shape. Just like square face shape, play with the curvy or oval eyeglasses. Again short or rectangular eyeglasses frames are not for your face. It will deplete the feature of your face.

Heart- Shaped Faces− Thin Metal or Rimless Frames

A broad forehead and cheekbones with narrow chin makes you as delegate and soft as heart. Yes, you have Heart Face Shape. Rimless frames will look gorgeous on you, thin metal frame eyeglasses or clear plastic is the best. Avoid from big overly or frames with heavy looks for the reason that it might overwhelm your face. Eyeglasses frames should soften your strong face feature rather than eyeglasses accentuate it.

Oval- Shaped Faces− Almost Every Type

If all the features of your face, forehead, cheekbones and chin are proportionate it means you have an Oval Face Shape. Lucky you, you can try almost every type of eyeglasses frames. So choose what you like as it will suit you.
In simple, the more angular your face features, the rounder the eyeglasses should be. The more round face features, the more angular eyeglasses frame should be.