Elegant Lenses For Perfection

     Specially designed to filter out a portion of harmful effects & provide more comfortable that helps to eliminate symptoms of digital eyestrain. Lets get into more elegance and perfection

    Guide For Best Lenses For Your Glasses

    The lenses you choose for your eyeglasses — even more than frames — often will determine how happy you are with your eyewear.

    Lens Materials

    Different material are there for the lenses like glass , plastic and high indexes plastic lenses. Its all depends what you like

    Aspheric Design

    In addition to choosing a lens material that has a high index of refraction, another way to give your lenses a slimmer, more attractive profile is to choose an aspheric design

    Eyeglass Lens Treatments

    Treatment involves different type of coatings on the lenses like Anti-scratch coating,Anti-reflective coating,UV-blocking treatment and photochromic treatment.

    Index Of Refraction

    The index of refraction (or refractive index) of an eyeglass lens material is a number that is a relative measure of how efficiently the material refracts (bends) light

    Minimum Center Thickness

    The FDA has guidelines for impact resistance, so there's a limit to how thin an optical laboratory can grind your lenses.

    Cost Of Eyeglass Lenses

    Depending on the type of lenses and lens treatments you choose and the lens design you need, your eyeglass lenses can easily cost more than the frames you choose. so choose it wisely and contact us if you need guidance.

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