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Progressive Lenses

Some people need two different prescriptions to see clearly at a distance and from near as well. Fortunately, they do not have to switch between two pairs all day as they can get progressive glasses. Hence, these eyeglasses have special lenses that cater to both near and farsightedness.

What are Progressive Lenses?

If you need prescription glasses for both near and farsightedness, you can opt for lenses. These lenses work as both reading and distance glasses as they feature two prescriptions. In addition, they come without any distinct line between the top and bottom portions of the lens. Hence, you can look chic while wearing progressive glasses. You use these focal lenses to avoid switching between two different eyeglasses and use one frame comfortably. Also, the absence of a line between the prescriptions makes them look like standard lenses.

How Progressive Lenses work?

These lenses feature the innovative technology to merge two different prescriptions into one lens. So, you can see clearly at far distances and read up close as well. The main feature of these lenses is that the ending of both portions diffuses without leaving any mark. Hence, progressive glasses are more comfortable as they do not abruptly switch from distance to near vision prescription. On the contrary, the top part transitions smoothly into the bottom one.

Freeform Progressive

Freefom progressive lenses are even more comfortable and help you see clearly from every angle. These lenses come with a large vision field so you can enjoy every image you see. In addition, we customize these lenses according to your needs to make them the most comfortable option for you. Since these lenses have a large area for clear vision, you will get optimum reading clarity. Besides, you can have a crisp peripheral vision as you can also see clearly from the sides.

Custom Features

Take your progressive lenses to the next level by selecting free form antiglare progressive. 


UV Protection

Light Adjusting


How can you get them?



Select any style option below



Click “Bifocal /Progressive” at lens selection



Select “Freeform anti glare progressive lenses”



Finish your purchase and enjoy!

Screen Size:
Cat Eye 104
Rs 2000
Sold Out
Rayban 560
Rs 3500
Rayban RB5121
Rs 6500
Vision 2104
Rs 1500
Cat Eye 1007
Rs 1800
Maybach WW07
Rs 3000
Maybach WWO7
Rs 3000
Maybach WW01
Rs 3000
Flump 9807
Rs 1800
Cat Eye 1103
Rs 1700
Hot Selling
Maybach 1294
Rs 4500
Fred 1284
Rs 4500
Hot Selling
Transparent 2034
Rs 1500
Vision 2034
Rs 1500
Transparent 3234
Rs 1700
Hot Selling
Aviator 8503
Rs 1500
Bvlgari 4120
Rs 2500
Tommy Hilfiger 1163
Rs 4500

Progressive Lenses are just like Bifocal lenses with the difference that these are free from the partition line that segregates the multifocal lens. This lens is a unique piece of modern technology that enables our customers to use the bifocal lens in a single formed lens. These lenses are just like bifocal lenses best fit in the frames that have a height of 30mm as we suggest our customers a 60% to 40% ratio for distance vision and near vision respectively in the lens. Now a day, it’s becoming a large trend and is in high demand by the customers. Just try this one time and you will not regret your decision.

Here are the following progressive glasses price in Pakistan:

Progressive (Spherical Number) Anti Glare Rs. 3,000
Progressive (No Line in Lens) Rs. 3,500
Progressive (Cylinder Number) Anti Glare Rs. 4,500
Transition Anti Glare Progressive Rs. 6,000
Free Form Anti Glare Progressive Rs. 6,000
Free Form Anti Glare Transition Progressive Rs. 8,000


A Progressive Lens comes with two different prescriptions at the top and bottom. These lenses have a top distance vision portion, an intermediate area, and the lower near vision part. The highlight feature of these lenses is that they do not come with a separation between the two lenses. Hence, they look chic and feel comfortable. So, you can get two prescription powers in one lens and get rid of the hassle of wearing two different frames for different needs. These glasses are suitable for distance power and near prescription as well.

These lenses use expert-level craftsmanship to manufacture them seamlessly. Hence, they come at a higher price than regular lenses. Fortunately, we offer an affordable Progressive Lenses price in Pakistan for our customers. So, you can opt for any frame and get it with your prescription lenses.

Since progressive glasses have both distance and near vision prescriptions, they work as 2-in-1 eyeglasses. So, you can use them as both reading glasses and your regular eyeglasses to see distant objects. These lenses come with a smooth transition between the two prescriptions and do not jump from one to another. That is why these lenses are a more comfortable option for those who need two vision corrections. Hence, you can use these as progressive reading lenses and distance vision lenses as well.

Progressive reading glasses are perfect for those who need vision correction for far and distance vision. One part of these lenses come with a distance prescription, and the other portion features a near prescription. Also, there is an intermediate portion between the two parts for a smooth transition. These advantages make these lenses suitable for those who require near and far prescriptions. However, there are a few downsides to using these lenses. These lenses are a pricier option than regular prescription lenses and bifocals. Also, beginners can take some time adjusting to these glasses.

Since these lenses do not have a distinct line, they look better than bifocals. Also, the lenses do not cut abruptly and there is an intermediate area between the two lenses. That is why they feel more comfortable. Overall, most people prefer progressive lenses because of their convenience and chic look.

You can drive wearing glasses with a progressive lens as the top portion caters to distance vision. Hence, you can keep an eye on the nearby vehicles and see the road. In addition, these lenses are suitable for computer use as they do have a bottom reading part. In this way, you can use them for both driving and computer use.

You can buy Progressive Glasses Pakistan via our online store at an affordable rate. Also, you can choose any frame from hundreds of options to go with your progressive lenses. We also cater to a diverse range of prescriptions and customize the lenses according to your needs.

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