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Bifocal Lenses

Those who need prescription glasses to see clearly at both near and far distances can opt for buying bifocal reading glasses online. These glasses come with specialized lenses for two types of prescriptions. Hence, you can use them to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness.

What are Bifocal Lenses?

Bifocal reading glasses have two parts, an upper portion, and a lower portion. The upper portion of the lens comes with distance vision correction, while the lower part comes with near vision correction. These lenses are ideal for those who need correction for both types of distance and near visions. Hence, you can use them as your everyday prescription eyeglasses. In addition, they work as reading glasses as well. That is why most people who need two vision corrections opt for bifocal lenses.

How Bifocal Lens Work?

Bifocal lenses have a simple mechanism, and they provide vision correction for both distance and near prescriptions. This type of lens has two different lenses separated by a distinct line between the two. Mostly, they come with a half-crescent shape at the bottom with the reading portion of the lens. Hence, it is to facilitate those who look down when reading or scrolling through the phone. So, this lens is a suitable choice if you need two different prescriptions but do not want to get separate glasses for each.

Screen Size:
Cat Eye 104
Rs 2000
Sold Out
Rayban 560
Rs 3500
Rayban RB5121
Rs 6500
Vision 2104
Rs 1500
Cat Eye 1007
Rs 1800
Maybach WW07
Rs 3000
Maybach WWO7
Rs 3000
Maybach WW01
Rs 3000
Flump 9807
Rs 1800
Cat Eye 1103
Rs 1700
Hot Selling
Maybach 1294
Rs 4500
Fred 1284
Rs 4500
Hot Selling
Transparent 2034
Rs 1500
Vision 2034
Rs 1500
Transparent 3234
Rs 1700
Hot Selling
Aviator 8503
Rs 1500
Bvlgari 4120
Rs 2500
Tommy Hilfiger 1163
Rs 4500

Apart from bifocals, you can also opt for lenses with no distinct separation between the two prescriptions. This lens also features distance and near vision correction. However, both of them merge without an obvious line between the two. These eyeglasses are suitable for those who wish to wear bifocals without any separation.

Sphere Value

Sphere value (SPH) shows the lens power required for clear vision according to your prescription. The sphere value ranges from 0.00 to +/-20.00. This value describes that your eyesight prescription is spherical. For shortsightedness, this value is in (-) and for longsightedness, this value is in (+).

Cylinder Value

This number is specifically for people with astigmatism. This value also comes with a (-) or (+) sign and usually ranges from +/-0.25 to +/-4.00.

Bifocal Anti-Glare Plastic (Cylinder)

These lenses are particular for prescription with a cylinder number which indicates that you have astigmatism. The lower circular area of these lenses covers the prescription for near vision and is used for reading. The fine quality lenses come with an Anti-Glare feature to reflect bright light and help you see clearly. These lightweight lenses made from high-quality plastic have standard thickness and scratch-resistant features. Also, these lenses are very easy to clean. Get these prescription lenses for your eyeglasses from for 3,500 PKR.

Bifocal in Plastic (Cylinder)

These bifocal lenses have two different prescriptions and come with a distinct line between upper and lower prescription. The hard coating on these lenses prevents dust and scratches for long wear and high performance. These fine quality and lightweight lenses have standard thickness. The lower part of these lenses has a circular reading area for near vision prescription. Get these lenses for your eyeglasses from for 2,500 PKR.

Bifocal in Glass (Cylinder)

These high-quality bifocal lenses are suitable for a cylinder number, particularly for astigmatism. The lower part of these lenses has a reading area for near vision and the upper part is for distance vision. These lenses provide sharp and clear vision with high definition visibility, suitable for everyday wear. Get these lenses for your eyeglasses from for 1,200 PKR.

Bifocal in Glass (Spherical)

Bifocal lenses in glass specific for spherical numbers come with a double prescription for near and distance vision. These high definition lenses ensure a clear vision with scratch-resistant technology. The standard thickness of these lenses makes them comfortable for all-day wear. Get these lenses for your eyeglasses according to your prescription from for 800 PKR.

Bifocal in Plastic (Spherical)

These lightweight plastic lenses have two different prescriptions in the bottom and upper area. The lower area has a near vision prescription for reading and the upper area has a distance vision prescription. These lenses have a hard coating on the outer surface for durability and dust resistance. The scratch-resistant ability of these lenses ensure long wear and clear vision. Get these bifocal lenses for your eyeglasses from for 1000 PKR.

Bifocal Anti-Glare Plastic (Spherical)

These bifocal plastic lenses have anti-glare features for attractive eyewear. The double prescription eliminates the need for two separate glasses. You can now get your near vision and distance vision prescription in the same lens. These lenses specific for spherical numbers have a green coating to prevent harsh glare that causes stress on the eyes. The easy-clean and scratch-resistant features make these lenses an efficient choice for everyday comfortable wear. Get these prescription lenses from for 1,500 PKR.

Here are the following bifocal lenses price in Pakistan:

Bifocal In Glasses Spherical Rs. 800
Bifocal In Plastic Spherical Rs. 1000
Bifocal Anti Glare Plastic Spherical Rs. 1500
Bifocal In Plastic Cylinder Rs. 2500
Bifocal Anti Glare Plastic Cylinder Rs. 3500


Bifocal reading glasses have a lower magnifying portion that helps you see clear words. This part enlarges the text of a book or any screen so you can read it with ease. Also, you can use them to magnify any image that you wish to see closely. These lenses cater to multifocal vision and help you see from a distance and up close as well. We offer these prescription lenses in any frame of your choice available on our website. So, wait no longer and get your new bifocals today.

Fortunately, you can order bifocal lenses in Pakistan and get them tailored according to your needs (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and all other metropolitan cities). Our extensive range of eyeglasses comes with the option of bifocal prescription lenses. Hence, you can enter your prescription and get your lenses via our online store. Buying these lenses saves your time and prevents the hectic process of going to market for new glasses.

Bifocal glasses have specialized lenses that come with two different prescriptions. The upper portion of the lens features the distance vision prescription, while the lower part features the near vision prescription. Hence, you do not need to switch between two different glasses with these lenses.

These lenses are perfect for those who need both near and far vision corrections. Since this lens comes with two different prescriptions, you only need one pair of glasses. Hence, the main advantage of using these lenses is that it saves your money and the hassle required for two prescription eyeglasses.

Bifocals come with a large upper portion that features the prescription lens for distance vision. Hence, you can use them comfortably to drive and see clearly on the road. Besides, you can opt for bifocal sunglasses that come with tinted lenses. These shades are perfect for driving during the day and they correct your vision as well.

These lenses are available at an affordable price considering their high quality and convenience. Also, they come with additional aspects to protect your eyes. You can add other features to these lenses, such as anti-glare and UV protection properties. Overall, you can shop for a reasonable Bifocal Lenses price that is pocket-friendly for everyone.

Bifocals cater to multiple prescriptions for those who need vision correction for both near and far distances. Hence, it is not possible to get these lenses without a prescription. Generally, the lower portion of these lenses is suitable for reading and the upper part for distance vision. That is why people who need two prescriptions opt for these lenses.

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